How to Effectively Market with Salesforce: Increase Awareness in the Field

Clayelle Wolf
Sep 26 · 4 min read

Now that you have a marketing plan locked down, engagement with the Salesforce field is optimal to tackle next. In fact, when we’re building new AMP promotions, it’s one of our top requests from partners.

Field engagement is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but what does it mean? It means educating Salesforce Account Executives (AEs) and Sales Engineers (SEs) about your solution so they can recommend you to the customers they’re working with and bring you in to a joint deal.

There is one thing that’s very important to note. This type of enablement is a grassroots effort and almost entirely built on relationships, past co-selling experience, and word of mouth. Your PAM or Alliance Manager can help make intros and broker meetings, but no one person has or should be expected to have the silver bullet. The focus should be on a steady cadence of quality interactions between the two sales teams.

As a marketer, you can purchase the guarantee that you’ll be featured in a certain publication or on an expo floor, but it’s much more difficult to promise sales teams’ time, and consequently, hard to bake it into a plan. However, it can be done. Here are a few things to help.

  • Check out this free Selling with Salesforce webinar.
  • Review Partner Enablement’s sales templates and playbooks, and be ready with materials for co-selling opportunities.
  • Set metrics more specific than increasing awareness in the field, such as “10% of our lead referrals from Salesforce AEs that mention seeing our joint event presence” is better.
  • Determine if an internal Org62 Chatter group is the right channel for your business to communicate with Salesforce employees (we recommend this if you have some strong relationships with the field). If yes, work with your PAM to create one and develop a comms plan. Chatter best practices can be found here.
  • Create content like blog posts, Customer Spotlights, and press releases at no cost and share in your internal Chatter group.
  • Participate in SE-facing AMP promos like the Demo Jam for SEs and the Partner Solution Showcase.
  • Showcase customer wins with AMP promotions like Talking AppExchange to use as proof points in the field.
  • Create an AMP Co-branded Product Demo and share with sales folks as a resource they can easily use with their customer contacts.
  • Think about your listing! Certainly if you are investing in promotions to drive traffic (e.g. homepage features, email features, and co-branded paid media), make sure your listing is refreshed (our recommendations here) for the best chance of conversion. However, AEs and SEs look at AppExchange, too, so making listing improvements is important even if you’re only focused internally.

I also wanted to include industry strategy in this blog post since sales teams are often looking for partners that help a specific customer use cases. These suggestions apply to both Salesforce employees as well as your own prospects, and are applicable to other niche audiences.

  • As a rule, every reach-out needs a customer story. If you’re working with your PAM to connect with Salesforce industry teams, have plenty of customer use cases available as proof points. The Partner Solution Showcase through AMP offers a unique format designed for Salesforce employees.
  • Write about your unique industry POV and share with AppExchange to potentially get posted. This is an awesome thing to post in Chatter or have your PAM share with sales leaders.
  • Have an executive that you want to highlight as an industry leader? Feature them in The Exchange and have a plan to share the content well after the AMP promotion ends.
  • Participate in an AMP Industry Promotion and make sure the language in your title, short description, and listing content include information specific to the industry. Navigate to this page during demos.
  • Create an AppExchange Mavericks or Talking AppExchange with AMP to highlight an industry use case. You could also create a Customer Spotlight for free. Co-branded content like this reinforces the partnership as an additional benefit.
  • Salesforce can not execute specific industry targeting on your behalf, but your organization could do a targeted lead buy to share any co-branded use cases you create.
  • If you are running any paid promotion that tells an industry story, it’s the perfect time to do thought-leadership blogging to maintain the drumbeat.

What strategies do you use to engage the field? Drop them in the comments and let us know.

Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem

Brought to you by Salesforce AppExchange, learn customer and business success insights - straight from leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Clayelle Wolf

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AppExchange Partner Co-marketing at Salesforce * Big time advocate for women in business * Simmons MBA * Fluent in Spanish * 56 ski days in one season!

Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem

Brought to you by Salesforce AppExchange, learn customer and business success insights - straight from leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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