How to Effectively Market with Salesforce: Show Up with Salesforce at Events

Clayelle Wolf
Oct 22 · 4 min read

All your marketing efforts are mapping back to big goals, you‘re picking up momentum connecting with the Salesforce field, and chances are events have crossed your mind. When working closely with Salesforce, event marketing can’t be ignored.

A lot of folks ask us for recommendations on how to show up with Salesforce together at events. This can mean a lot of different things, however, some of the common objectives are having executives together on stage to capture a visual of the partnership and inspire customer confidence, selling together on the expo floor, speaking in each other's sessions, or having high-level branding with both our logos.

As mentioned in our first blog post from this series, these event goals must map to your plan before moving forward. For example, if you are working to have a Salesforce sponsorship presence at your event, know the numbers this will support. Aside from being difficult to execute, too often the end goal is just the physical presence and lots of scanned leads and demo opportunities are wasted!

Regardless of your focus, here are some things we think will really help pull a joint event presence off. And more good news! We recently released this guide for partners sponsoring Salesforce events with even more ideas.


  • If your customer is speaking in an AppExchange session, have someone from your team attend to answer any attendee questions after the session ends or schedule a prospect meeting later on to get into deeper detail.
  • Reference our Partner Branding Guidelines and use the approved partner badge on your booth graphics or printed materials like handouts or menus.
  • Listen to past Power Hour recordings about Dreamforce to learn best practices from veterans in the ecosystem.
  • Create a co-branded Booth Video with AMP to play in your booth to attract foot traffic.
  • Highlight a customer success story by filming a Talking AppExchange video (AMP) — execute in Q3 and have your team promote in Q4 as a way to start a conversation about meeting at Dreamforce. Leads from The Exchange could also be helpful for setting meetings.
  • Include a call-to-action to schedule a meeting or your booth number in your AppExchange listing text and creative. You can further promote your listing in AMP promotions like newsletter or homepage features.


  • Follow @appexchange and engage about product news or other announcements that are of value to customers.
  • Have a strong working relationship with a Salesforce AE/SE that’s also interested in the prospects you have at your event? Ask if they would join the first 15 minutes to discuss customer success from a shared deal or speak with a join prospect.
  • If you’ve purchased a breakout session, invite a Salesforce employee to be your guest speaker. There are folks out there that would love to speak but weren’t allotted a session. This serves double duty if you would like help developing your session content.
  • If you are running paid promotions like paid media at the same time as a sponsorship, have a clear lead capture path on your website for folks that see your ads while browsing the web, but search your name in another tab.
  • Create a special video (this can be done yourself or something like an AppExchange Mavericks through AMP) to play at the start of an intimate event or use a follow-up/thank you.


  • Create co-branded content like a Customer Spotlight for free and share in event meetings or in follow-up comms with scanned leads.
  • Assign scanned leads into a nurture journey that aligns with the Dreamforce booth experience. This is a good opportunity to use any co-branded content as a touchpoint.
  • Run paid media through AMP in Q4 to retarget folks that come to your AppExchange listing after seeing you at Dreamforce.
  • Have one of your execs interviewed by a Salesforce customer in AMP’s AppExchange Mavericks and include in your thank-you note to people you meet with.
  • Events don’t happen in isolation and your need for leads doesn’t subside before or after the event. Utilize the Partner Marketing Center to fill the top of your funnel at no cost. Also, check out their tips for lead management.
  • If you are looking for more mid-funnel leads to share things like Dreamforce session recordings or recaps, participate in an AMP promotion like The Exchange Lead Share or Talking AppExchange.

Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem

Brought to you by Salesforce AppExchange, learn customer and business success insights - straight from leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Clayelle Wolf

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AppExchange Partner Co-marketing at Salesforce * Big time advocate for women in business * Simmons MBA * Fluent in Spanish * 56 ski days in one season!

Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem

Brought to you by Salesforce AppExchange, learn customer and business success insights - straight from leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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