Introducing: Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem

Leyla Seka, EVP of AppExchange, began working at Salesforce nine years ago as Director, AppStore. Back then, no one had really heard of apps, the iPhone was only four months old, and Leyla was intrigued by the idea that apps should be purchased like books on Amazon — an idea that Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, pioneered.

Within a year, the Apple App Store launched, Marc gave the app store trademark to Steve Jobs, and Leyla’s title became Director, AppExchange. “It was at that moment that the greatest professional adventure of my life began. I witnessed the creation of the largest and most vibrant enterprise application ecosystem. I had the great fortune of watching the best entrepreneurs in the world innovate on our platform and change the world for our customers,” said Leyla Seka.

It’s stories and opportunities like these that inspired this channel to come to life. It pays homage to the fearless innovators who run toward challenges with an open heart. It’s for risk takers. It enables business leaders to hear from other business leaders. You will read the real stories of people just like you, me, Leyla and Marc. It will inspire you to work harder, find more opportunities, and take them all.

As Leyla says:

The focus is on change. To be truly great in technology, one must learn to love and embrace change. In fact, your future life will likely revolve around creating change.

We built Salesforce with that same drive and spirit, and it’s empowering to celebrate the community that makes our company so amazing. With customer and business success from leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem, there’s no stopping what we can accomplish together.

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