Making Work Fun: Views from Trailblazing Partners

#AlohaFriday at the Salesforce Indianapolis hub.

Amanda Ouédraogo, Salesforce CRM Application Analyst at Capgemini, was a professional athlete, training for the next jump, the next race. The hurdles she faced went beyond the track. “Where I grew up I had no role models, so I relied on my drive. I was born in Sèvres and grew up in a working-class area between Medon and Antony. It was an environment where you had to fight every day,” says Amanda in this Trailblazer video below. The environments surrounding Amanda made her stressed in many areas of her life, including work.

Jennifer Steinmann is the Chief Transformation Officer of Strategy, Innovation, and Technology of the Deloitte US Firms, where she is responsible for Deloitte’s corporate strategy, driving innovation, and executing transformation. Steinmann helps to set the organization’s strategic direction, address strategic issues and opportunities facing the firm, and evaluate changes in the business and competitive environment. Jen has teams depending on her from many aspects of the business. All of this is no small feat.

Matt Bullock, CEO, Founder, Spinify, has one mission with his technology: to make work fun again. “We’re about gamifying the workplace to achieve more by engaging, motivating and coaching. We can help change office culture by empowering employees with Salesforce data,” says Matt.

While all three of these stories are different, there is a clear common thread: bringing joy and hope to the workplace is crucial, and that’s just what these trailblazing partners do everyday.

Achieving a stress-free workplace

Training to be your best self is crucial, and Amanda believes in this on and off the field. “You can’t let fear hold you back. Sports gave me a lot. You need guidelines, and the coaches I met gave me the discipline to train for my goals. I wasn’t the strongest, but I trained harder and began winning titles. You can’t reach the top if your technique isn’t perfect.” The more you work to be prepared, the more comfortable you’ll be in your job. From there, you can begin to push boundaries.

Matt lives and breathes a happy workplace everyday. “Making people happy and more productive at work is as good as it gets for me personally,” shares Matt. This comes through in the technology he’s built.

Even more, Matt’s positive workplace experience stems from constantly learning. “[My advice is to] learn lots and share it with many, while having fun at the same time.”

For Jennifer, a positive work experience comes with her company’s mission. “[We are] committed to workforce development. Deloitte is also a recognized leader in inclusion and diversity. We believe a diverse, empowered workforce offers a better experience for our employees and a better outcome for our clients,” says Jennifer in this interview.

Making work fun with Salesforce

Whether you’re an experienced Salesforce user like Matt, or were relatively new to the platform like Amanda, Salesforce has helped individuals achieve that great work experience, and helped organizations enhance their company culture.

“I don’t have an engineering degree. I’m not technical at all. Then I discovered Trailhead. It’s free, it’s fun, and it enabled me to learn the skills I need for my future. It’s exciting. It’s a big change. I’m really doing it, and I like it. Tech is a world that’s constantly moving forward. I’m flying! I’m trying to go as far as possible. I’m in control of my life,” shares Amanda.

“Salesforce is in my blood. I’ve been a customer for over 10 years. My success was a large part due to Salesforce , since I’ve used almost every Salesforce product in great detail. Recently, I was inspired by Marc Benioff and Salesforce to set up the Spinify Foundation with $1M of personal money. As part of my 1% pledge, I help many companies solve adoption and setup issues. I enjoy giving back and helping others learn about Salesforce and what you can achieve,” shares Matt. This is what happiness at work is all about.

A group of trailblazing partners at breakfast at Dreamforce 2018.

Start making work fun with Trailhead, the fun way to learn Salesforce. For more information on the trailblazing partner program, check out this guide and nominate a fellow trailblazer today.