MIMIT Health Saves Valuable Time During COVID-19 with Bridge Connector

Miriam Kahn
AppExchange and the Salesforce Ecosystem
3 min readMay 1, 2020


With the influx of patients, yet the number of physicians remaining constant, it’s been tough to maintain a standard level of care. Add the manual process of managing patient data on top of that and the insurmountable burden on physicians is two-fold. Bridge Connector, an AppExchange partner built on the Salesforce Platform, is helping automate patient data entry, allowing providers and healthcare organizations to streamline workflows across disparate systems — saving time and lives as a result. We spoke with Brennan Mason, Chief Marketing Officer at Bridge Connector to help share their time and life-changing story.

Chief Marketing Officer of Bridge Connector Brennan Mason

What has been the impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare system?

Brennan Mason: One customer, MIMIT Health, an independent multi-specialty physician group in Illinois, has converted most of their appointments to telehealth and e-visits by leveraging an arsenal of applications integrated with Salesforce. By moving online, they’re providing care to those seeking medical attention without putting patients or staff at risk of infection. Bridge Connector provides and manages the integration layer between MIMIT’s Electronic Health Record and Salesforce instance, giving MIMIT one source of truth for patient data.

According to Dr. Paramjit Chopra, MIMIT’s founder, chairman, and CEO, the organization quickly deployed telehealth services with Bridge Connector, ensuring that the right data is getting to the right system at the right time. This saves their staff time to focus on patients and maintain a high level of patient care. As a result, the integration of MIMIT’s EHR and Salesforce has saved care providers and staff over two hours a day per patient, by removing the burden of dual data entry.

What challenges are customers seeing due to COVID-19 and how are you helping them?

Mason: The massive influx of patients seeking COVID-19 treatment is resulting in an overwhelming amount of data for healthcare providers to manage. However, those who are operating on the frontlines have limited bandwidth. This challenge poses great difficulties when data must be accessible and actionable at the point of care in order to treat patients and slow the spread of COVID-19.

In order to help alleviate this burden, Bridge Connector’s integrations for COVID-19 use cases are free of charge for six months. We are also collaborating with EHR vendors and other industry stakeholders to help providers improve workflows as patient volume continues to increase. Time is of the essence in this situation, and we’ve been able to move quickly in part due to AppExchange. We’ve been able to rapidly deploy our product at scale by launching our solution on AppExchange. Our product listing has allowed Bridge Connector to further reduce implementation timelines for our customers, letting them focus on their critical tasks at hand.

What is Bridge Connector’s approach to implementing speedy integrations?

Mason: Bridge Connector’s approach to integrations allows us to rapidly connect data systems using our pre-built connectors to most major system and data formats. These integrations empower response teams, call centers, and care teams to effectively manage patient data for a more efficient treatment process.

If an organization is spinning up new technology in crisis management mode, they don’t have weeks or months to integrate their data. Our solution and ongoing maintenance allow our providers to focus their intensive effort on treating patients and slowing the COVID-19 spread.

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