Preparing for the Holidays: Tips from our Partners

The holiday season is — by any measure — one of the biggest online shopping events of the year. Retailers need to prepare their sites for a major increase in traffic along with the tall order of ensuring their customers have a positive and fulfilling experience throughout their shopping journey.

We asked some of our top LINK Technology Partners about how they help prepare their customers for the holiday season. This partner program is made up of nearly 300 technology partners who deliver innovation at scale to Commerce Cloud customers, via the Commerce Cloud Partner Marketplace. Check out their shared insights below.

Optimize Your Checkout

“Shopping cart abandonment can be one of the most frustrating metrics for an e-commerce business owner. If your abandoned cart rates are increasing, you may want to take a closer look at your checkout process. An optimized checkout should require as few clicks as possible; be streamlined for mobile, and offer secure payment options that let visitors pay the way they want.”

— Julie Warshaw, Editorial Staff, PayPal

Turn New Holiday Shoppers into Long-Term Customers

“Since, 39.4 percent of shoppers are willing to spend more with brands they love, even if they have cheaper options elsewhere, businesses need to make the extra effort to turn new holiday shoppers into loyal customers. Be sure to reach out to holiday shoppers post-purchase to ask for reviews and customer photos — this touchpoint helps reinforce their connection with your brand while collecting crucial social proof for future customers. And if you’re already getting in touch, use the opportunity to encourage your satisfied customers to take the relationship a step further and join your loyalty program: 52.3 percent of shoppers who love a brand will happily do so!”

Moran Khoubian, Head of Partner Marketing, Yotpo

Give Now, Pay Later

“The holiday season brings significant pressure to buy gifts for everyone in our lives. Many shoppers overextend themselves in their gifting and report maxing out credit cards, incurring fees, and experiencing financial anxiety as a result. Alleviate some of the stress that comes with the season by offering your customers the ability to buy gifts now, and pay over time.”

Alex Fisher, Director of Growth, Afterpay

Help Gifters with Local Trends

“‘Tis the season and customers often need inspiration to find that perfect gift for their friends, family members, and significant others. A great way to help them select the perfect item is to show customers what products are the most popular with other shoppers locally in top categories. This way shoppers can find that perfect on-trend boot for their loved one who lives in New York, the latest fad in beach fashion in Miami, or the best snowboarding gear for their niece or nephew in snowy Colorado. Providing these location-specific trends drives greater sales, larger basket sizes and new product discovery.”

Sandeep Bhanote, Co-Founder and CEO, Radius8

Prevent Boredom

“Every two seconds, the brain starts to wander. If you keep showing customers the same content types, they get bored and stop paying attention. Use your integrated content management and e-commerce solution to mix up the stimulus with varying types of content on all channels. From text to graphics, formal to informal, images to videos, product info to stories, complexity to simplicity. The variety is super important. It keeps the brain engaged, so customers keep shopping — and that can mean increased average revenue per user.”

Heidi Unruh, Global VP Content Marketing, E-Spirit

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