Salesforce Labs Monthly Rewind: New Solutions You Need to Know About

Marianna Torres
Sep 15 · 7 min read
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Free. Employee Built. Open Source. These are a few words that come to mind when I think of Salesforce Labs. Since 2006, the program has helped countless Salesforce employees with a great idea to bring their creations to AppExchange. With so many ideas being added to the world’s #1 enterprise marketplace, it can be easy to get lost in the excitement. Luckily, we’ve done the exploring and compiled the newest solutions from Salesforce Labs that you need to know about! Here’s your one-stop-shop for new Labs apps released on AppExchange in the last month.

August 2021

This past summer was an explosive one for Salesforce Labs. In between sipping lemonade, heading to the beach, and enjoying the sun, the team hosted Salesforce Labs Day in July and launched nine new Labs solutions in August alone. These included a new telephony app for Service Cloud as well as several new apps for the new Pardot collection on AppExchange! Keep reading to learn more about these new apps, now available on AppExchange.

List Editor

With this handy LWC, users can update their predefined records from anywhere in the Salesforce interface. The component is also equipped with various customization capabilities and allows you to configure things like color, fields to display, height, and much more. You can even use it on Experience Cloud.

Pardot and Digital Engagement SMS Integration

AppExchange recently launched a new Pardot collection page, and Salesforce Labs was thrilled to contribute! With this app, marketers can reach customers on their preferred channel by integrating digital engagement with Pardot. Now, you can end SMS messages within Pardot automations.

I Need a Break! Salesforce, Please Handle My Time Off

When you’re heading out of the office for vacation, it’s important to make sure someone has you covered while you’re out. This app lets users appoint other colleagues to handle their assignments while out of office. Users simply have to input the time span of their time off, and select a user to cover them. This app allows admins to determine which objects will be reassigned during the transfer, and schedule the frequency themselves.

Where are You From?

Building a unified community for your customers globally is an impressive accomplishment, and deserves to be celebrated. Imagine if you could set up your digital experience to automatically sync with your end users’ default browser language, rather than having them do it themselves. This component detects end users browser language, and (assuming you’ve set up a translated instance in their language) sets your Digital Experience Site to their preferred language automatically.

CSV2 Salesforce

Allow your users to generate records for any Salesforce object through CSV files.

Pardot List Control View for Salesforce

Adding prospects to your email lists can be a breeze. Add Leads and Contacts to your Pardot list straight from their record pages. With this Pardot component, you can quickly update or create new email lists with Leads and contacts, so you can make sure your prospects are getting the messages that are most relevant to them.

Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Partner Telephony

Integrate your Amazon Connect Instance with Service Cloud Voice. This brand new solution enables you to kickstart your contact center setup, and kickstart your telephony implementation. It also features omni-channel “baked in and ready to use,” so you can handle cases from social media, chat, or email to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Embedded Feedback within Pardot Emails

Emails are a customer experience in and of themselves. Why not make the experience even better with embedded feedback forms? This new Pardot template from Salesforce Labs allows marketers to design beautiful and engaging feedback forms in their emails. It comes prepackaged with two separate components, so you can implement a star rating system or text feedback right on your emails. Provide your prospects with a simple way to leave feedback for an event or product without ever being redirected to an external site. You can even customize your feedback form with branded colors and images.

Kickboard: Digital Transformation Starter

Harness design thinking and kickstart transformation to the virtual world. Drive digital transformation in your company with a series of fun, interactive whiteboards and digital stickies. Kickboard provides your organization with several team-building activity boards to help your team navigate through challenges, reach goals, and track progress on your initiatives. The solution can also be configured to work with Experience Cloud, so you can collaborate with individuals outside of your organization.

June 2021

While we prepared for Salesforce Labs Day, our dedicated builders worked hard to provide four new apps to the marketplace. June’s batch consisted of a couple new apps for field service, a handy LWC for ISVs, and a dynamic dashboard to help measure your Einstein Prediction model’s performance.

Salesforce Field Service (SFS) and Billing Connector

Manage billing for work order labor, parts, and expenses. This solution allows the creation of Sales Orders from the Work order and its’ associated objects. It also features enhanced invoicing and payment visibility for Field Service, with the capabilities to calculate taxes, generate invoices, collect and track payments, and recognize revenue within the Salesforce platform

Check (In) Mate:

Obtain Visibility into your field reps’ customer visits. Check In Mate enables field reps to check in (and out) on customer locations right from their cellphones. Check in on Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities in a flash. Locations and time stamps are stored as a Visit record, which in turn enables Admins to report on field team’s performance. Even more, Admins can set compliance distances, so reps are reminded to stay in their designated areas.

Einstein Prediction Builder Value:

Measure your predictive model’s value, impact, and accuracy through these detailed dashboards. Uncover detailed insights into your model’s performance and track metrics such as precision, recall, accuracy, and predictive factors.

Test Drive Welcome Mat

Enables ISVs to provide users with an engaging launch point through a Test Drive welcome mat. Test Drives provide prospects an easy way to try out a new solution on AppExchange. Now, ISVs can customize the experience by providing a customized landing page with links, images, and messages.

May 2021

We welcomed the warm weather with three new solutions on the worlds #1 marketplace! May brought forth an exciting new package for ISVs, which enables them to manage their 2GP packages, as well as a handy component that lets you view and edit object hierarchies. Also added to the Labs roster was a dynamic dashboard that can help you track your organization’s impact with SQL.

Hierarchy- Aid

Explore and edit object hierarchies on the go! The Hierarchy Aid Component allows you to view the hierarchy of an object and edit them with ease.

Package Visualizer

Discover a new way to manage your 2GP packages. Package Visualizer enables ISVs to schedule upgrades for their 2GP packages, and log app analytic requests for their subscriber orgs. This also features an ancestry tree for each package, so ISVs can better track, visualize, and and understand package versions.

Salesforce Business Value Map

Discover key success metrics into your organization. This solution enables you to track the metrics that matter most to you and your business through SQL queries.

Connect with Us!

If you’re not already, be sure to follow Salesforce Labs on Twitter to stay updated on new Labs released on AppExchange. Our community of talented builders are always bringing new innovative solutions to help solve some of your most common business challenges.

These aren’t all the solutions we’ve brought to AppExchange in 2021- not even close! Check out our Monthly Rewinds on Youtube to stay on top of all new solutions released in a given month, and stay tuned for our next episode! Have you tried any of these solutions? Let us know what you thought on Twitter, or leave a review on AppExchange to share your feedback!

AppExchange and the Salesforce Ecosystem

Brought to you by Salesforce AppExchange, learn customer…

AppExchange and the Salesforce Ecosystem

Brought to you by Salesforce AppExchange, learn customer and business success insights - straight from leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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AppExchange and the Salesforce Ecosystem

Brought to you by Salesforce AppExchange, learn customer and business success insights - straight from leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem.