Salesforce Named a Leader in New Wave Report: Thank You, Partners

Hana Mandapat
Jan 7 · 3 min read

I absolutely love this time of year. There’s just something so invigorating about starting on the next journey — a fresh start, a new beginning. It seems that everyone — including businesses — is asking themselves “what can I do better?”

While I’m asking myself that very same question (hint: it may have something to do with a new organization system for my sneaker collection), I also love to reflect and say thank you during this time. As the lead on marketing efforts for new AppExchange partners, I get to meet and learn from app builders and entrepreneurs around the world. This experience supports my appreciation for our amazing partner ecosystem because, without our partners, AppExchange wouldn’t be the thriving marketplace it is today. And in my view, it’s this thriving marketplace that lead Salesforce to be named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: SaaS Marketplaces, Q4 2018 report.

Kickin’ SaaS and Takin’ Names

This news is particularly exciting as this is the first-ever Forrester New Wave™ on SaaS marketplaces, which in our view recognizes that SaaS marketplaces are on the rise and the future of software and services buying. The report evaluated eight vendors, and Forrester gave Salesforce the highest possible score of “differentiated” in eight of the 10 criteria, including buyer interface, availability of applications, and intelligence and automation.

“Salesforce was the first major SaaS marketplace and remains a powerful choice in terms of scale, breadth, and innovation.” — The Forrester New Wave™: SaaS Marketplaces, Q4 2018 report

You can read more about Forrester’s evaluation of AppExchange by downloading your free copy of the report.

The Path to Being a Leader

In its 13-year journey, AppExchange has been a labor of love for so many Salesforce employees, partners, and customers. At the heart of it all is innovation, growth, and the sense that we’re part of something bigger. Over the years, AppExchange has become a major driver of the Salesforce ecosystem. Eighty-nine percent of Fortune 100 companies are using AppExchange apps. There are more than 5,000 solutions available on AppExchange today with over 6 million installs and 80,000 peer reviews.

That’s you. That’s us. That’s AppExchange.

It’s about helping Trailblazers find the right solutions to their business challenges, and when customers ask for more apps, more components, and more solutions overall, across every department in every industry, we have to deliver — and we could not do that without the constant innovation and dedication of our partners. You may be an individual developer with a single, rock-solid offering; a seasoned ISV with multiple solutions spanning industries; or a large consulting firm smartly extending your reach with AppExchange — we believe that we could not achieve this recognition from Forrester without each and every one of you.

Once again, thank you, and here’s to an amazing 2019 — I can’t wait to see what we achieve together next.

Download your free copy of the report to learn more key takeaways and findings, plus the full SaaS marketplaces evaluation overview. And if you aren’t a part of the AppExchange Partner Program yet, what are you waiting for? Learn more here. You’ll be in good company.

Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem

Brought to you by Salesforce AppExchange, learn customer and business success insights - straight from leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Hana Mandapat

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Sr. Director of AppExchange Partner Program Marketing. Self-proclaimed word nerd. Resident sneaker expert and Warriors fan girl.

Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem

Brought to you by Salesforce AppExchange, learn customer and business success insights - straight from leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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