The Most Creative Event Marketing Tactic You’ve Ever Seen


Glance Networks winning a Demo Jam

I first met Glance Networks at a Salesforce event. Like many great partners, they had a booth, spoke at sessions, and had some fun giveaways. But those efforts were not why I remember our meeting so vividly.

Scott Baker, Product Manager at Glance Networks, approached me with a smile. He was eager and excited to work together and work on the next Demo Jam or other AppExchange event. Beside him was Bob Hebeisen, Sr. Director of Marketing at Glance. In our discussions, Bob shared he has 20+ years of experience in all kinds of marketing for tech companies, including events.

Scott Baker of Glance Networks

There was one unique aspect of our conversation. Scott was wearing custom pants for Glance Networks. Coined “Glance Pants”, this simple piece of apparel is what caught my eye, made Scott and the brand memorable, sparked much conversation (including, where can I get these pants?), and, perhaps most importantly, inspired the idea for this post.

A look at some Glance Pants

As marketers, we strive to be the best and to help our brand grow and thrive. To do so, we must stand out in the sea of sameness. For insight, I asked Bob about the inspiration behind the pants, as well as tips for trying on some creativity for size.

Why is it important to get creative when it comes to promotion?

Bob: In a trade show environment, it is really hard to stand out from all the other exhibitors. Many trade show attendees will do pretty much anything to avoid making eye contact and engaging with you. You need to do something to stand out, break the ice, and be memorable.

Tell us more about Glance Pants.

Bob: Glance pants are standard gear for our trade show booth staff. They are black pants with a gazillion postage-stamp-sized Glance logos embroidered into them. From a distance it is subtle, but within a 10-foot radius, it’s striking!

What is the typical reaction and how do they help the company?

Bob: The typical reaction is a laugh and a smile. “Are those Glance logos on your pants?” “Why yes, these are my Glance Pants! Can I tell you more about Glance?” Glance Pants let us break the ice. They are memorable. They are on-brand. And they show prospective clients and partners that we are fun to work with.

Glance Pants let us break the ice. They are memorable. They are on-brand. And they show prospective clients and partners that we are fun to work with.

How do you brainstorm such creative ideas?

Bob: One of the reasons I love working at Glance is we have a collaborative and fun team dynamic. I think this idea came from Craig Sieve, our VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships, and our CEO, Tom Martin. They carpool together and spend a lot of commuting time trying to solve problems, one-up each other’s stories, and crack each other up. We also have a fantastic promotional vendor called Superior Promotions who sourced and embroidered the pants. They take crazy ideas and make them happen.

What tips do you have for other partners looking to do great marketing?

Bob: Get a little bit crazy! (As long as it is on-brand and doesn’t break your budget.)

Glance Networks helps Salesforce users instantly — with the click of one button — launch a sharing session with a digitally-connected customer or prospect. Find Glance Networks on the AppExchange.



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