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Dennis Elbers schooling us on political design. Photo courtesy of ADCN

Design that does more than communicate. Design that creates an experience.

“In today’s world, design alone isn’t enough. Available technology can turn anyone into a designer. Design has been democratized. What a designer really needs is the ability to tell stories. To share ideas and experiences in a way that connects. The strength of an original idea is more necessary than ever. Design that aims deeper, sparks inner excitement, plays with universal feelings and opens your eyes to the world around you. Design that makes you smile. The smile is the expression of contentment and satisfaction, of intelligence and ingenuity. We believe in design that frees your inner child, asking you to remove all insecurities to be fully immersed. Play!”— ADCN

Identity for Graphic Matters, by Trapped in Suburbia.
Poster from Klaus Staeck’s Nichts is Erledigt! The caption reads: “The man always stands at the centre”
One of Jeremyville’s Community Service Announcements
Left: Graphic Matters poster making station. Right: Flags of Peace
Photo courtesy of ADCN

At the heart of Trapped in Suburbia lies an old Confucius teaching: “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand”.

“The medium is the essence.”

Finally, to anyone in Amsterdam when the next ADCN event is on; I recommend you go to it.

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John Skead

Creative Intern & writer for VBAT, Amsterdam. Born in Cambridge, educated in Leeds.