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Nov 1, 2018 · 4 min read

Original article by BNO (Dutch)
edited by Connie Fluhme, PR at VBAT

2nd prize by VBAT’s Ellis Sargeant

BNO NEXTpack is the platform for all around Dutch Packaging Design and therefore also supports the BNO Packaging Talent Award since years. Making packaging as a discipline more attractive to young designers and students is one of the goals of this initiative, which has been started by the major packaging design agencies of The Netherlands. VBAT is a proud member of this initiative.

In the beginning it was not easy to find ‘real’ clients who would come up with ‘real’ cases, but in recent years the assignments became more and more interesting. For the second time in a row, the Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn came up with new assignment.

Each year, a jury of senior designers from various NEXTPACK agencies makes the call on who will win the much wanted BNO PACKAGING TALENT AWARD. During Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the winners were announced at SUPERFAST #5 . The assignment from Albert Heijn focused on the ecological washing detergents line AH PUUR.

AH Puur — Current design

The jury chose three winners from the six nominated entries. One design received an honourable mention.

According to the jury, the playful and fresh packaging concept of David Horsler fits in well with the visual language of Albert Heijn. Jeroen Provoost (manager design & visual identity Albert Heijn): “The jury really became enthusiastic about this design that speaks a new visual language. We think that David’s design is the right one to reach a younger audience “.

Winning design by David Horsler

The second prize went to Ellis Sargeant. Ellis is interning at VBAT since nearly a year. VBAT’s Creative Director Graham Sturt scouted Ellis at the D&AD New Blood Academy in London. Although Ellis has not much experience in packaging design, he delivered an aesthetic design that is distinctive in simplicity and power. All graphical elements: symbols, typography, patterns and colours are harmonically coordinated. In one (Dutch) word: PUUR. (English: pure).

2nd prize by Ellis Sargeant

Laura Voet, who interned at VBAT some years ago and discovered her love for packaging design at that time, won the third prize for an atmospheric design that is all about reuse. This design makes AH PUUR a lifestyle product; nicely developed, but practically and commercially too complex for a large retailer like Albert Heijn.

3rd prize by Laura Voet

Honorable mention and compliments
Adrià Tañà Ferrer receives an honourable mention, because of the ingenious system behind his proposal for a filling station. Sustainability is central to its design solution: the entire chain has been thought through very well.

Honourable mention by Adrià Tañà Ferrer

The prizes
The winner of the first prize received 1500 Euros. The second and third prize are 300 and 200 euros respectively. The nominated designs have been included in a presentation with the SUPERFAST program and the winners will have the opportunity to present their design to the Albert Heijn Design Team.

The winners of the BNO Packaging Talent award, together with Jeroen Provoost (AH; 2nd from left) and Frank Nas (Design Bridge/NEXTpack; 3rd from right).

The jury
Frank Nas (managing director Design Bridge Amsterdam, chairman BNO NEXTpack and chairman of the jury)
Jeroen Provoost (manager design & visual identity Albert Heijn)
Sophie van Felius (design specialist Albert Heijn)
Tahir Idouri, (creative Millford director)
Ditte Glebbeek (design director, dBOD)
secretary to the jury is Rita van Hattum (BNO).
About the BNO Packaging Talent Award
The BNO Packaging Talent Award 2018 is sponsored by AH and also supported by Packaging Innovations by Easy Fairs.

NEXTpack is committed to the position and development of brand and packaging design in the Netherlands within the BNO.
Anthem, Bowler & Kimchi, Brum Design, Bataafsche Teeken Maatschappij, dBOD, Design Bridge, FLEX / design, Millford, PROUDdesign, Reggs, Snow Donuts, SOGOOD, Van Heertum and VBAT.

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written by BNO
translated/edited by Connie Fluhme, PR at VBAT

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Inside VBAT

Weekly blog posts by Creatives from VBAT, on different topics related to Retail, Branding, Packaging, Innovation and Design in and around Amsterdam.

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