The Packaging Design Talent Files 2017

# 2— BNO Packaging Talent Award winner Luna den Hoed

By Connie Fluhme

2nd winning entry of the BNO Packaging Talent Award by Luna den Hoed
BNO NEXTpack is turning the spotlight on Dutch Packaging Design. Luna den Hoed won the 2nd prize at the BNO Packaging Talent Award (PTA) 2016 with her design for De Vegetarische Slager. An endless hunger for knowledge drives this young student, from who we will hear more for sure:

What, in a nutshell, is your background?
I live in a little village called Rijnsaterwoude, near by Alphen aan den Rijn. Really soon I will be 20 years old. My secondary school was the Ashram College, where I graduated with a MAVO diploma. Followed up with one year of ROC sound and vision. But then I realized it was not what I wanted, so I went to a graphic school, Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht. I’m following the last year of graphic design and I hope I’ll be graduating in May next year. At the moment I’m an intern at Millford. I want to continue studying, but I’m not sure what it will be. As long as I can practice Graphic design, I’ll be happy.

How did you find out about the BNO Packaging Talent Award?
Before I was doing an internship by Millford, I was an intern by Brum Design. So, Pieter, the boss, told me about this competition and I thought “I have to do this”. And it turned out to be a great decision.

Why did you participate?
Because I think it is a great opportunity to show what I’m capable of. And to find out what my competition is, when I apply for a job at one of the packaging design studios. ;)

How did you get the idea for the design?
First I researched De Vegetarische Slager. Why did they start, etc. I found out about the intention that they wanted to recreate the taste of meat with only using vegetables, to save the animals. I think it’s a beautiful initiative. The packaing had to fit the story. So I’ve comprehensive my research. De Vegetarische Slager wants to be associated with a real butcher. So what does make a butcher a butcher? I was looking for the sentiment. So I’d searched for butchers of the past. And I find out that the sentiment was in the shop windows and the paintings of animals on the tiles. So I created an similar experience, with a touch of vegetarian.

What design choices you’ve made?
When I had the idea right, the next step was to figure out a way how I was going to apply the concept / idea in the design. The hard part was recommendation. Because without the square shape in the background you didn’t recognize a tile.

Did you get any coaching during the development or your award entry?
Not really. Early in the process I submitted my ideas to Pieter, to see if I had taken the right path. But that was the only time. I had started very late with designing, so there wasn’t really time for someone to coach me. :)

What does the award mean to you? Would you advise other to join it?
Winning the award was for me the confirmation that I’m on the right path. I’m happy and I like working as a graphic designer and a very nice touch is that it’s also be appreciated.
I would definitely advise others to join it. Not for the winning part. But to discover what you’re capable of and how you compare to other designers.

What other submitted design did you like, and why?
I think all of the nominated work was nice-looking, but, probably not surprising, the winning design, the one Sean made, was one of my favorites. It’s was a really refined design. I didn’t understand the concept first, until I saw the design on the presentation boards at Superfast.

The winning design at the BNO Packaging Talent Award by Sean Valies

Have you had any further contact with De Vegetarische Slager yet? Will they go on with your design?
Yes, I had further contact with De Vegetarische Slager. They want to release the tile, and who knows what more.

Will you enter this design to any other design competitions?
I don’t know yet. We will see what the future has in mind. :) But I can tell that the design I’ve made will be released and will be shown on a packaging fair in Düsseldorf.

How will your future career in (packaging) design look like?
I hope I can make a great career. I just want to do something that makes me happy. But that is so far away. For now I want to learn a lot more about design and everything what has to do with it.

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written by Connie Fluhme

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