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Per Håkansson
Oct 31, 2017 · 2 min read

For the first time in the history of humankind, value and trust are being democratized. It is happening through a technology called Blockchain powered by a new currency called Bitcoin.

Blockchain is a new way of organizing everything from local neighborhoods and organizations to nation-states and economic regions through open source software using cryptography.

But instead of the current centralized, hidden and vulnerable system this new technology offers decentralized, transparent and distributed solutions accessible to everyone.

Think of it as the next logic evolution of the Internet (some call it Internet 3.0), after the digitalization of information, products, relationships, things and now value transactions. Value transactions goes beyond money and banking, it’s everything that switches hands, everything that is transferred between A and B, needing a so called proof of stake.

I started the newsletter Inside Blockchain a few weeks ago as a learning journey and conversational platform around this new technology and how it is disrupting every industry and nation-state in the world, from banking and insurances to services and products. And the newsletter is becoming quite the success.

I’ve also begun to facilitate Inside Blockchain executive learning experiences through talks, workshops and labs across the world with global companies and top universities and business schools. Experiential means that we explore together, experiment and reflect to deepen the learning experiences, expand beyond just the cerebral function, including emotions and hands-on prototyping. And I’m getting great feedback.

Inside Blockchain on Medium is the third initiative to create a space for daily conversations around a new mindset designed around the idea of organizing everything via decentralized and distributed networks accessible to everyone across the world.

As everything is becoming digitized, the need for centralized fiat currencies limited by geography will be replaced by global, dynamic and programmable cryptocurrencies.

Just like we could not imagine Uber or Airbnb when the iPhone arrived in 2007, we cannot yet imagine how we’ll use cryptocurrencies in the future. We just have to create it.

Inside Blockchain is about curiosity and the passion to learn how this new technology works, why it matters and what problems it can solve. Our ambition is to take the complex and shallow, making it simple with depth.

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Per Håkansson, Managing Editor Inside Blockchain

Inside Blockchain

The Quiet Revolution Behind Bitcoin

Per Håkansson

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Inside Blockchain

The Quiet Revolution Behind Bitcoin