Onboarding Engineers 1/2

This two part post is about onboarding engineers at N26.

For engineers starting a new job is always stressful, because we need to go through the process of integration again, processing a lot of information in a very short amount of time, figuring out how and what tool to install, who is responsible for this product, trying to remember all the names, etc, etc…

We just want to start working on this new cool product, how hard it can be?

Onboarding is a very important time for new joiners and it’s also a first impression of your organisation.

It’s the time where the company culture and values are presented and the first learnings adopted by new employees.

Here at N26, we take onboarding seriously and we try to have a seamless process for our new members.

I want to share our process of onboarding Quality Assurance Engineers — where does it all start and how do we iterate on the process. It’s the process we are constantly improving with the feedback we are getting from our new teammates. As it has generic principles, some of our other teams are also adopting the idea.

Where do we start?

Onboarding actually starts before you join the company.

Several different teams are involved in preparation for your first day.

Our People team is arranging welcome packages and first introduction to the company values. They also schedule introduction sessions with different tech leads which will help you to understand technologies we are using to build the best products.

Our Office IT team is creating your accounts to access different services for your everyday work, email and communication tools. Your shiny new laptop is also being configured by them, and will be ready for you on your first day.

Your QA buddy is putting together a personalized space where you will learn many things in your first weeks.

With all this planned beforehand we avoid a lot of wasting time that usually happens when onboarding is not in place.

So, you are all set to get started.

First Day

The day has come and you are joining our amazing team.

Your first task would be to try out barista skills while making the best coffee in the hood.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Don’t worry, we have many coffee aficionados who can teach you to make a latte art heart.

You will probably meet other new joiners and spend first part of the day together, attending general introductions. You will also have a guided tour through our office and meet some of our teams.

You will check our general policies:

After that, your buddy will wait for you and walk you to your new place.

Don’t worry, every first day is full of information and we try to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy as well.

More to follow in part 2.

Interested in joining one of our teams as we grow?

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