10 ‘Back to the Future’ micro-mashups that disrupt the space-time continuum

this image comes from http://theawesomer.com/1-21-jiggawatts-t-shirts/83571/

Great Scott, it’s 2015! We’re in the future. The Day is coming! To celebrate it I gathered some of my favourite (and some of my own) 10 second mashups with “Back to the Future” from coub.com that disrupt the space-time continuum (don’t forget to click on videos for sound):

  1. Mad Marty
Fury Road? Where we’re going, we don’t need fury roads.

2. Marty’s got it.

Those boards don’t work on water, you say?

3. 1.21 Jigga What, Jigga Who.

A reaction to the timeless Jay Z classic.

4. Time travel wars

They found me. I don’t know how, but they found me!

5. Searching for Sarah McFly.

The time travel war continues.

6. You’ve been thunderstruck!

Doc Brown Vs. President Snow

7. As we know Marty is a fan of Wild Gunman. Sure he got the reference.

Great cosplay, Biff.

8. Rick and Morty forever and forever 100 years.

Obvious but unresistable.

9. Tyrion sees some serious shit.

Dragons? We don’t need dragons.

10. Marty Tricks Biff.

Guess he did not expect that!

Bonus. McFly plays some oldies for you.

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