Bing! It’s Here: The Update for The iOS App That We’ve All Been Waiting For.

For a long time now, the Coub team have been wanting to take the Coub iOS app to the next level.

Previously, coubers could shoot footage with the coub-camera or use videos from their library, and then add music from their phone. This was fun, but it obviously pales in comparison with what you can do with Coub on your laptop, desktop, etc.

Well, finally you can make any kind of Coub you want with your iPhone. Take a look at this short video.

That’s right, now you can make iPhone coubs from your favorite YouTube videos!

Just like on the website, it’s just a matter of grabbing a url from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, etc.

And yes! You can use multiple parts of different videos

You can easily create mashups, memes, supercuts and everything in between, right from your phone. Parts can be duplicated, swapped and deleted too.

Saving drafts

Have a great idea for a coub, but don’t have the time right now to make it? Save it as a draft so you can get back to it later.

A few more treats: you can grab audio from YouTube, and you can also use the audio from other coubs. Stay tuned, there’s plenty more to come!

Oh! One more really important thing. The update has just been featured on Product Hunt, and we would LOVE if you’d go over there and upvote us!