Coub Chats

Coub now has its very own chat feature! This is a major new addition to Coub that we’ve been working on for the last six months.

Coub isn’t exactly a social network. It’s not (or not typically) about your friends or family. It’s about interests — films, animals, sports, anime, gaming, etc. But there’s never been a way for people with shared interests to talk with each other on Coub itself. They had to go to VK, Discord or elsewhere for that. That’s why we decided to build a chat system.

The main purpose was to help the community flourish.

At the moment there are two kinds of chat — private and group. But we’re also planning open chats (which anyone can join) and public chats (which anyone can read, while only members can post).

Chats will be available on the mobile apps very soon. The beta version for Android is already available. To try it, go to the Coub page on the Play Store and join the beta program (information about the beta program should be at the bottom of the page).

Thank you: Artem Gusev, Alexander Retunskiy, Ilya Panfilov, Anton Prozorov, Nikolay Astakhov, Ivan Kostarev and Igor Gladkoborodov.