Coub + iFunny

On the first of April we celebrated Coub’s fourth birthday. And our friends at iFunny (part of FunCorp) turned five. It was a big day for another reason too — our integration with iFunny began.

iFunny is a hugely popular app for iOS and Android. Users get a seemingly endless feed of fun videos and pictures. The audience is young and very active.

iFunny have integrated the Coub player into their own app. And views on iFunny are included in a coub’s view count.

iFunny users already appear to love the format. On the first day alone, the number of coubs created was twice the usual amount.

And for the first time ever, mobile creation overtook web creation.

iFunnyers are always looking for new funcorn, the tastier the better. Coub — the mobile video-editor — is a masterpiece.

Get iFunny, share coubs: App Store / Google Play