HTML5 Editor

When we launched Coub, we wanted to make a HTML5 player and editor. But it proved technically unfeasible at the time. There was always a gap in the loop, and audio failed to stay in sync. Not all browsers would support it, and those that did, behaved unpredictably. That is why we decided to make everything in Flash, both player and editor.

We finally made the HTML5 player a while back, but the editor proved more difficult. Even YouTube have decided not to rewrite their Flash editor in HTML5.

Flash seriously hampered development of the editor in various ways. It simply didn’t make sense to create functionalities that would have to be rewritten in HTML5.

Today we launch the beta HTML5 browser. It has all the functionality of the old editor, and works with all browsers (besides Safari). However, there are still a few bugs, so we’ve provided the ability to switch back to the Flash editor if necessary.

Random Reactions

While nothing much has really changed in the editor, we decided to add a fun new feature. Next time you use the editor, you’ll see a new button: Random Reactions. When you press the button, a random reaction will be inserted beside your clip. Sometimes it won’t make much sense, but sometimes it can be surprisingly funny: