Huge iOS App Update

Hi there! We have some good news: there’s an update for our iOS app, and this one is BIG.

Coubs are now viewed in their original proportions. Your coubs will not be cropped, and precious details will not go missing.

We’ve added a section with new coubs. So now you can find the newest gems right in the app.

You now see tags under each coub, making it faster to browse coubs with the same topic.

Free scrolling! Scrolling won’t stop with each coub, so browsing and searching are now that much faster.

We’ve finally added Weekly to the app. For a while now, Android users have been enjoying a weekly selection of the best coubs. And now this is available for iPhone users too.

Searching is much easier. Now you can watch results in mosaic mode, and sort results by relevance, date, likes or recoubs.

The app is faster, coubs can be enjoyed instantly, and use very little phone memory.