Major Update and Redesign for The Android App

Yay, an update!

Firstly: Everything is faster: coubs, interface, the lot.

  • Coubs now appear in their original proportions — no more cropping. See coubs as the creators intended them to be seen.
  • Free scrolling. Your scrolling won’t automatically stop on each coub. Slow or fast, scroll as you please. 📜
  • Tags are now visible under each coub, so you can explore interesting tags without having to search. 🔦
  • There are now four main sections: Feed, Popular, Search, Create. Navigation is easy and intuitive. 💆
  • Muting a particular coub will now mute all the subsequent coubs, and vice versa. So, if you feel like a little peace and quiet, just tap the icon at the bottom-right of any coub to mute it, and the rest will be silent too. 📢

If you’re worrying that we’ve done away with Random, rest assured it’s still there, under the Explore button. You’ll also find Weekly, Coub of The Day and Coub Picks there.

Now go get it!