Telegram + Coub

We love Telegram. It’s probably the most dynamically developed messenger out there, setting the standard for the industry. From a technological standpoint, these guys are way ahead of the opposition.

They’re already on the cutting edge with their Telegram-Bot. But, together with the Telegram team, we’ve made something even more exciting.

Coub now has native support in the latest Telegram app for iOS. Coubs play within the app itself. With a tap, the large player opens with sound.

How it works

If you post the link to a coub it will immediately turn into the player. But that’s not all. You can also search and send coubs to friends, in any chat. Simply type “@coub cats” and choose the appropriate coub (if cats aren’t your thing, you can of course type any other word you like). When you press and hold any of the choices, you get a preview:

If you get bored, you can always watch the best coubs without leaving Telegram. Add the bot @coub, and you’ll be able to browse the Coub of The Day, Hot and Random timelines, and even search for coubs:

Big thanks to Zhenya Mayorsky and the Telegram team for making this wonderful integration possible.