A day in the life of a senior product designer at Insider Inc.

Paulas Bhatt
Jun 3 · 3 min read

Why did you join Insider, Inc?

I was excited to join a small team where I could help inform processes and build culture from the ground up. The challenge of designing for a different industry was attractive; I was also looking to be a part of an organization that aligns with my values and delivers value to its community.

What do you love about working at Insider, Inc?

The people and our product — we have a great number of dynamic brands and I’ve really grown to love and appreciate our content. I also enjoy the amount of ownership and collaboration across product, engineering, and design.

What does your typical day look like?

It depends on the day but some of the constants are daily scrums with my feature/UXD teams, and pairing with engineers and product to iterate features based on feedback.

What are you motivated by?

By the people, experiences, and challenges that come with my role. One of the most exciting challenges is proving the value of design; I believe that we’ve been able to make great progress here. Through analytics — including Google’s H.E.A.R.T framework — I have seen how our work has positively affected other parts of our organization.

What are some team initiatives you are currently working on?

We’re aiming to complete a redesign of the INSIDER and Business Insider homepages. My feature team has been releasing small layout changes since Q1, and by the end of Q2 it should look and feel completely different. (Keep an eye out for a blog post soon about our iterative process!) We’re also looking to formalize a design system to help our work become more scalable and workflows more effective.

What do you love about design?

The challenge of creating something new within certain constraints (like users’ expectations, standard conventions, brand patterns, or native frameworks) is exciting to me. I also love that UX relies on psychology principles, which I’ve always been naturally curious about.

What makes the Insider Inc. culture what it is today?

Insider Inc. is full of genuine and authentic people who are constantly trying to improve the culture and try new things to improve the workplace. People truly embrace our founder Henry Blodget’s motto of “Get Better Every Day.”

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