A spectacular display of Russian pride. A Victory day, also celebrating the growing nationalism, followed by a firm and some blunt political messages of the present day realities within the ‘against nazism 80 years ago’, especially featured with intercontinental balistic missiles. You never know, in case of some seeds of third reich would happen to appear on other continents, or some Reich from Mars for example — kill it before it breeds.


The current democratically elected President of Russian Federation and before a Prime Minister and yet before then President again will be officially first time visiting Crimea after the #Annexation of Crimea into a parties of Interzone. Finally back home, to mother Russia.

If you let yourself come back to think about the moments behind all these events in Ukraine and specifically Crimea, you might start to realize that this leader was not just following his own wishes, blindly executing plans as the cold computer master mind presented, but after all there are people out there who feel this right, many many people out there.


Are these many people only in Russia? Are these people just the portrayted of the eastern side of the story? And how many really there are?

And if you move to the eastern regions of Ukraine, letting go that these guys are completely consuming the stories of Fascist West, Ultra-Right Wing Kiev which are undebatable fact out there. If you remove this from the picture, there are people who what ever the name stamped over them, the Pro-Russian, The Separatist, The Protestors, The whatever.

Look sideways and you will see a regions of people who are in their disbeliefs, in their own fear and panic just too afraid to withstand alone anything. A blunt move for an autonomy to be said, while no real plans and no actions, no expectations, something just like that they seen around in the gossips and talks of fellow “brother-in-arms” around eastern regions, pushing for a referendum.

A referendum of what you might ask?

To what ends? Where to?

And what about the streamers? The citizen journalist, while everybody just keeping on the local hotspot, the Kiev first and then we see. Things are just crazy for sure, but would that justify the ignorance of their own happenings beyond the capital?


Question remains, who saved the dolphins on crimea?

Was it the Pro-Russian Dolphin Conservationist?

The Most feared Ocean Predator ?

It is all what we have left to believe in that someone might dance on the Putin Dubstep? What will happen next is most likely make some people flip….


Briefly reporting by Lee the Agent, under utter stress

from Crimea with Love, least factual and more accurate.

Insight Commentary

On Global Crisis situations which are the middle of the work in Documentary Photojournalism or Humanitarian Aid and Relief Missions

    Jan Husar

    Written by

    Jan Husar

    Visionary | Documenting Global Issues — Assumptions Shattering | Humanitarian — Make a Difference @film_Revolution #MSF @teamsharkwater #hack4good @AidEarth

    Insight Commentary

    On Global Crisis situations which are the middle of the work in Documentary Photojournalism or Humanitarian Aid and Relief Missions

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