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Loneliness is the deadly Mental Disorder of America, says Cigna

Loneliness is one of those serious mental illnesses which is always a mournful burden to be carriedby one.

Now, it is evident that more than half the population of United States has been victimized by deadly monster.

One of the biggest nationwide wide survey conducted by Cigna, the health insurance company showeda shocking number of Americans fighting a loneliness outbreak i.e approximately ½ the population living in United State of America.

The surprising fact is that, researchers found that old age people are less likely to fall target to loneliness, which seems to hit Generation Z and mllennials the hardest.

Cigna stated that loneliness has peaked its pandemic state in America., and that it’s deeply affecting people’s wellness.

One of the main root for this monster is inadequate personal interactions between the present younger generations, says a BusinessWire news.

According to Cigna, people in between the age of 18 and 22 are the loneliest group and are in the worst Mental health conditions when compared to other age groups in the nation.

This survey was conducted on more than 20,000 individuals all across America who are 18 and above in age.

These individuals were given 20 –item online questionnaires which are more precisely designed to evaluate their social isolation and subjective feelings of loneliness.

Answers of all these 20,000 members were evaluated by the best-known loneliness measuring tool available called UCLA Loneliness Scale, which utilizes a series of formulas and statements to calculate their scores.

A score between 20 and 80 is an indication of loneliness; the higher the score, the more acutely loneliness is experienced by the respondents, says NPR.

As per the survey results, more than 47 percent of Americans are socially inactive and don’t have any meaningful conversations with the fellow members and are unable to spend a good quality time with their friends and family.

2 in 5 americans, expressed that they always feel isolated from society, couldn’t maintain a proper relationship with others and never experienced a good companionship.

In the same way, around 27% revealed that others don’t understand them completely. In addition to that, 20 percent of U.S citizens said they never felt close to anyone and don’t have a perfect partner to share or express their views.

Sharing your living place with others enhances your chances of not being alone. This is evident by one of the result that individual who live in a sharing room had an average loneliness score of 43.5.

On the other hand, older people did well on the UCLA scale. The Greatest Generation i.e people more than 72 of age had the lowest score equal to 38.6 while baby boomers scored 42.4.

As an end result, Generation Z members took a score of 48.3 compared to mellennials with an average score of 45.3.

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