#ClientStory — “Saya memiliki ide aplikasi dan butuh bantuan Anda untuk membuat design”

#ClientStory adalah sebuah case study dalam menghandle klien yang dikemas dengan menampilkan percakapan seorang designer dengan klien.

Suatu hari, Andi mendapatkan email tawaran pekerjaan. Email tersebut dari seseorang bernama Samantha, berlokasi di London. Isi emailnya…

“Hi Andi,
Good design on your portfolio. Very clean, neat and professional!
I have an app idea about marketplace for creatives, and i need your help to design the app. Is it a project that you will be interested?
Please let me know,

Andi cukup tertarik dengan project nya. Tetapi dia masih belum punya gambaran. Maka Andi menulis email balasan…

“Hi Samantha,
Thanks for your email and your kind words.
It’s interesting project. I think we can work together on this project.
Some questions to gather the context of the project:
- What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
- Who experienced the problem?
- What is your solution for the problem?
Looking forward for your answers :)

Lalu Samantha menceritakan tentang pengalaman nya….

“Hi Andi,
Thanks for your prompt reply, and let me tell you a story to answer your questions.
A view months back, i helped my sister to prepare her wedding. She needed some custom things. Start from custom wedding ring, custom wooden backdrop for photo spot and other things.
I helped her to found some makers/artists/creatives who can helped her to create what she needed. And it’s extremelly hard to find them. I need 5 days to browse in Instagram and Pinterest.
What if…
There is an app to display items made by makers/artists/creatives. The app can be solution for 2 sides.
Makers/Artists/Creatives can show their items and it would be help them in terms of exposure.
And people who need their services can easily browsing their portfolio and contact them directly. Easy and Effective.
I hope my answers help you to get the big picture of my idea.
Feel free to ask, if you have any questions

Setelah mendapatkan gambaran nya, Andi semakin tertarik dengan project tersebut. Lalu Ia segera memberikan saran bagaimana untuk memproses project tersebut…

“Hi Samantha,
That’s totally makes sense and i think the problem is existed and real.
Okay, I’m in
My proposal is, we can divide the project into 2 phases.
Phase 1, We will spend a lot of times to brainstorming and discuss about the flow of the app, the elements, wireframe, and interactions.
Then, Phase 2 will be focus on High Fidelity Design based on the wireframe that already created in Phase 1.
I think we can spend 8 days of work to do Phase 1. And my proposal for that is USD 1500. You can pay 50% upfront and 50% after completion.
If you okay with the price, i can send you an invoice for 50% payment. And we can start the project, after receive the payment.
Regarding Phase 2, we will discuss the timeline and the cost after finishing Phase 1 and having complete wireframe and interactions.
Please let me know your opinion

Samantha merasa bahwa rencana Andi sangat masuk akal. Fokus pada flow aplikasi dan wireframe terlebih dahulu sebelum masuk ke pembuatan desain yang lebih detail

“Sounds Good!
Let’s start the project!
Send me an invoice, and i will proceed the payment

PS: Isi percakapan diatas hanyalah gambaran

Punya ide atau case lain tentang klien?, Anda bisa mengirimkan via DM Instagram ke dwinawanhariwijaya_

Terima kasih, semoga bermanfaat :)