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A concise weekly digest of the top readings, content, ideas and discussions from our global bureaux and correspondents at ComplexGlobal. This week we explore climate change, Theresa May’s resignation, Indonesian Elections, How to be a CEO, Huawei & LGBT rights in Brazil.

Global sea level rise could be bigger than expected

Scientists believe that global sea levels could rise far more than predicted, due to accelerating melting in Greenland and Antarctica. The long-held view has been that the world’s seas would rise by a maximum of just under a metre by 2100. This new study, based on expert opinions, projects that the real level may be around double that figure. This could lead to the displacement of hundreds of millions of people, the authors say.

Theresa May resignation: What’s next for Brexit?

With Mrs May’s “bold new Brexit plan” in tatters, there is no vehicle for leaving the EU with a deal, and the default is that the UK’s membership will expire on Halloween. If that is where things appear to be heading in the autumn, some MPs who previously opposed a second referendum might reconsider if it is the best option for avoiding no deal — putting Brexit at risk. After all, Jeremy Corbyn — who has been reluctant to weaponise Labour’s “option” of a public vote — has said the Labour leadership would back a referendum to avoid either “a bad Tory deal” or “no deal at all”.

Indonesian troops on alert as Widodo wins

Heavily armed troops are on high alert in Indonesia amid fears of civil unrest after the incumbent president was declared the winner of last month’s election in a surprise early announcement by the election commission. Joko Widodo took 55.5% of votes against 44.5% for his challenger, retired general Prabowo Subianto, the commission said on Tuesday. The elections commission office was barricaded with razor wire and protected by scores of security personnel on Tuesday, after Prabowo warned that mass demonstrations could break out if he lost.

Hamdi Ulukaya: The Anti CEO Playbook

A TED Talk the team at ComplexGlobal couldn’t pass up sharing — A refreshing look at how big business is run and where the true priorities of business should lie. Profit, money, shareholders: these are the priorities of most companies today. But at what cost? In an appeal to corporate leaders worldwide, Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya calls for an end to the business playbook of the past — and shares his vision for a new, “anti-CEO playbook” that prioritizes people over profits. “This is the difference between profit and true wealth,” he says.

What did Huawei do to land in hot water with US?

Huawei has endured a tenuous relationship with the United States for a decade, reaching a boiling point last week when the Trump administration banned American corporations from doing business with the Chinese company. Although the United States has long suspected Huawei of engaging in illegal activity, it’s not clear that Huawei did anything specific recently to become the object of such concern. The ban came as something of a surprise to observers.

Brazil court votes to criminalise homophobia

A majority of judges on Brazil’s top court has voted in favour of making homophobia and transphobia crimes, in a decision that bucks a rising tide of state-backed hostility towards sexual minorities in Latin America’s largest country. Since the election as president in October of Jair Bolsonaro, a rightwing former army captain who once said he would rather his son be dead than gay, LGBT activists have complained about a growing number of hate crimes and a rise in violence against the gay community.

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the world is an amazing place, we help people navigate their way in it to do amazing things. Reposting & Sharing ≠ endorsement


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the world is an amazing place, we help people navigate their way in it to do amazing things. Reposting & Sharing ≠ endorsement

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