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Artwork by Joni Belaruski:

Extinction Ethnography: towards a cultural scene

  1. Extinction: the undesired consequence of capitalism
  2. Ethnography: the illumination of social and cultural life
  3. Cultural Scene: an ecology of talent that creates communal genius, or ‘scenius
  • Provide radical, profound and transformative insight that shifts mindsets
  • Use the internet to battle alienation and loneliness; bringing people together physically through diverse and inspirational narratives
  • Oppose the processes of financialization, extraction, toxicity, colonialism, neoliberalism, narcissism and exploitation
  • Encourage the processes of rewilding, regeneration, biomimicry, emergence and participation
  • Support open-source philosophy and the creative commons
  • Help people, wherever they live or work, explore notions of transcendence, self-representation and the imagination of alternative systems
  • End advertising ‘attention pollution’ by radically redesigning the way products, services and experiences are innovated and communicated to people
  • End competitive market-speak and nurture a communication system based on regenerative language
  • Cultivate non-commercial spaces that allow for the rewilding of cultural energy
  • Focus on how to use money and profit as an enabling tool, not as an aim
  • Develop wellness models that are multidimensional and holistic, especially in relation to our complex digital, personal and professional lives
  • Design cultural enrichment programs within organisations that help employees explore their cultural identity
  • Equip people with the tools, methods and processes they need to empathise with other cultures and societies
  • Reimagine the traveller as an environmentally and culturally sustainable explorer
  • Provide the most advanced insight in the most accessible way
  • Understand artists as practitioners of advanced thinking, bringing artivism deep within organisational decision making
  • Integrate thinking from the critical (post)humanities into existing design processes
  • Link progressive businesses, emerging subcultures, media providers, and institutions together



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