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INSIGHTS_07 — Rediscovering Bodies

Synchrodogs. Slightly Altered

In order to identify their own sensations and reformulate them, artists need to combine numerous artistic processes. Through performative acts and photography, they have been able to reflect their feelings and present them to an audience that needs, now more than ever, to associate a form with a concept.

The following projects explore artists’ own insecurities, subconscious and mental situations from the investigation of the link between body and mind. Some of them put themselves as the subject of study, others adopt a third person perspective; but all of them found a way to translate their feelings into images, portraying the existing social boundaries which must be reviewed.

Curro Rodriguez. From the series ‘Saeta’, 2020.

Revolving around three natural elements, Saeta is described by Curro Rodriguez as a process of identity searching. A ritualistic performance through which the artist confronts creation where only stone, body and scream are the main active factors. A catharsis only reachable by the constant repetition of elements, voices and gestures, provoking the most pure and absolute feeling of freedom.

Traditionally, stone has been viewed as a primary element to create and change the landscape. Body is associated with movement, gesture, flesh; used by Curro as an altar and offer, and ultimately as a container. Finally, scream is the last piece of this puzzle; something ethereal, that serves as a cleaner of self-destruction, directly related with flamenco embodied in the artist’s roots, and symbolically described as the sound of the body.

Yiannis Trifonopoulos. From the series ‘What Lies Beneath’, 2019.

According to Sigmund Freud’s studies: “mental processes are, for most part, unconscious. The conscious is only the tip of an iceberg, a small island of consciousness in the vast ocean of the unconscious”. That unknown and unexplored character that the unconscious has, is what moved Yiannis’ work. What Lies Beneath is a way to picture those shapeless feelings to its better understanding.

Traumas, deep thoughts, fears, insecurities and impulses live in our subconscious. Photography allowed Yiannis to dive into this dense pool and try to rescue some of these feelings and give them a figurative image, which we can rely on and try to understand how it affects our behaviour.

Disha Patil. From the series ‘Underlined’, 2020.

These series propose a break. An opportunity for the artist to breathe. Think. Interact with her surroundings. Disha Patil has been carrying an ever-growing conflict with herself. She needed to change her point of view in order to see herself and what she loves in a better light.

Her body is an important part of her photography. Disha uses it as a canvas, where she can mould how the light and shapes evoke different moods. An exploration of the human form and the numerous possibilities it presents. Her photographs require a deeper look on what’s happening, they cause an effect on the viewer, who now has become part of the artists’ experiences.

Elena Antonini. From the series “Oggetto Privatto”, 2021.

Elena Antonini has been researching women and the feelings of owning a female body, in order to analyse the feeling of shame. Supported by her personal experience, her work questions the male gaze and how it influences the common imagination, making women change their own feelings toward themselves and their bodies.

Her discourse focuses on how the female body is perceived and how the deeply rooted patriarchal point of view has affected women on different levels of censorship and shame. Divided by three phases that represent an honest vision of how women experience their own body, Elena Antonini reveals the normality of female bodies, detaching them from the ideal (and unreal) vision to which they are subjected.


Curro Rodriguez (b. 1980, Spain) is an artist and photographer based in Reykjavik, Iceland.

In between photography, video, intervention and performance, Curro’s work debates the relationships that, as human beings, we have with natural spaces, the disjunctions and our instincts.


Yiannis Trifonopoulos (b. 1986, Greece) is a Greek visual artist and photographer, based in Kavala.

He is a contributor editor of the online contemporary Photography magazine Phases.


Disha Patil is a visual artist influenced by the need and freedom to express.

Inspired by the challenge of understanding herself and her subjects, Disha explores light and its effects in bodies and how it can show more than physical characteristics. In that sense, her images always maintain a certain ambiguity and captures the essence and rawness of the subjects.


Elena Antonini (b. 1998, Italy) is a young visual artist working mainly with photography.

Focusing her practice to the world of women, Elena explores the human being and their bodies. She is interested to tell a real female world at its most sincere and honest way, trying to dismantle the system of shame that has always governed women.


INSIGHTS is the an initiative by Conceptual Projects that puts the spotlight on artists’ narratives. In Conceptual Projects, we truly believe that collaboration is essential for success and visibility on these days. INSIGHTS was created to bring together photography based projects that explore similar areas of investigation, initiating dialogues between artists and their projects.


Images courtesy of:

Curro Rodriguez

Yiannis Trifonopoulos

Disha Patil

Elena Antonini

You can find us on Instagram and on our website

Text by:

Juan Blasco — Founder & Curator of Conceptual Projects



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