Challenges and opportunities for food production and agriculture — Illustration by TEAMS

Expand the Horizon — AI managed permacultures

How to feed more people with fewer resources?

How to feed people? —Photo: — Graphics by TEAMS
Before Mixed Culture Farming — image from

AI managed Permacultures

After Mixed Culture Farming —Photography: — CGI Visualization by TEAMS

Self-Contained Micro-Ecosystems

Self-Contained Micro-ecosystems — Picture:, CGI Image and graphics by TEAMS

Entirely new Platform-Possibilities for versatile machines

Versatile agricultural machines —Sketch by TEAMS

Farmland or Backyard?

Versatile agricultural machines within a self-contained micro-ecosystems- CGI Image by TEAMS




Insights is a space created by TEAMS Design to share the ideas and stories created by the TEAMS-Team around a variety of topics. From Design culture, all the way to sustainability & mobility.

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