Digitalization & the future of agriculture in China images from

Five Insights to understand the future of agriculture in China

1. Dig deep into the villages of China to understand agriculture:

Colorful table displaying the administrative divisions of china
Administrative Divisions of China

2. Labor-intensive farming methods vs. a labor shortage:

Chinese villager woman, walking around the corn crops, carrying the harvest
Traditional labor-intensive farming image from

3. Rural land circulation for agricultural modernization:

Chinese villagers hand-picking the harvest in a shared field
Rural land circulation for agricultural modernization- Image by

4. Rural infrastructure to meet internet and e-commerce popularity:

Meanwhile, Alibaba’s Rural Taobao Program set out to establish an e-commerce service system in over 100,000 administrative villages across China to bring consumer goods to rural areas and agricultural products to urban areas.” E-commerce development- Experience from China

Rural E-commerce, Illustration by TEAMS

5. In an era of transformation, China aims to develop a mechanized, electrified, and intelligent agriculture industry.

Left: live broadcast, Chinese agronomist Yuan Longping — Right: Pinduoduo Smart Agriculture Competition
Kuaishou and Tiktok connect farmers and urban customers


Digital Farmland, Image from Dji Agriculture




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