3 Questions to Ask While Organizing Your Redemption Area

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It’s the last stop before your guests leave the building. Make it count!

Providing a top-notch environment for your redemption area can make or break the customer experience. Attention to detail when it comes to organization and customer service can ensure happy customers and repeat business. It also sets you apart from your competitors.

A recent poll found that customers oftentimes decide during their first visit whether they will be repeat customers. That being said, it is critical to gain their loyalty when they make their first purchase or begin service.

This is doubly important if you are in a community-based location, as opposed to a tourist location! Repeat business is key to your success and longevity. Also, keep in mind, the last place your guests visit is generally the redemption area, and inasmuch, it’s the last place to make a big impression.

This is why having a merchandising plan is so important.

But Where to Begin???

1 | Is the space easy to navigate?

We know you have plenty of space, but even if you only had two buckets of prizes, guests should be able to easily navigate through your redemption area. The layout of your space should complement your merchandising techniques.

Processing redemption “transactions” as quickly as possible creates a positive customer experience. A well-organized area means guests are able to quickly pick out and redeem prizes. Both design layout and merchandising are factors here.

Moving merchandise effectively is dependent on several things, with the most critical being product placement — how and where you place certain items. This is where store layouts and merchandising mix. Merchandising, which is the display of merchandise in an appealing manner to encourage customers to make purchases, relies on the store layout to have shoppers walk through more than just one section of a store. Smart store layouts also reduce congestion during peak shopping hours. The two are inseparable, and to maximize profit, retailers need to take both into consideration.

2 | Does the Atmosphere Match the Brand?

It’s important to consider the message you want your brand to send through your business. The design of your redemption area can either complement the customer’s experience with your brand or work against it. If your center has a theme, it’s important the same theme is followed in the redemption area. The game room should also echo your brand.

3 | Can I Deliver on Promises?

Guests make an investment in your business before they reach the redemption area. The goal is to make the redemption experience as smooth as possible, so they feel the return on the money they spent in the game room. Atmosphere and brand should tie directly to your product selection and display, and your customer service.

It’s important to utilize your space’s design to your advantage when creating your merchandise plan. By incorporating experiential pieces into your display, you increase the likelihood of enjoyable experiences. For example, the plush and ball dump bins below are not only eye-catching but also allow guests to see the plush fall down as pieces are redeemed.

Dump Bins for plush and balls

For more on this: Here are 5 tips to maximizing your perceived value in the redemption area. If you want to take it even a step further, try out our Merchandising 101 eCourse.

Are you overwhelmed yet?

The design of your redemption and game room areas is a lot to think about. Maybe you’re not in the market to remodel right now or your hands are tied with what you can do with your space. That’s OK! We can help optimize your current setup through our merchandising services.

If you are in the position to remodel, or you’re opening a new space, not all designers are created equally… You can learn more about our design services here. As always you’re welcome to contact our Industry Experts to learn more about what’s possible for your space.

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