8 things you can’t miss in the 2017 Redemption Plus Catalog

The what’s what, who’s who, top-notch things in this year’s catalog

We had a blast putting the 2017 Redemption Plus Catalog together this year, and we can’t wait for it to land in your hands (you can even download it below). Here are a few things we didn’t want you to miss this year when flipping through:

1. Meet a fella named Levi (and a new way of looking at your business)

Levi the “Impulse Buyer”

Levi is Redemption Plus’s Master of Coin, AKA he does smart things in our Finance department. He’s also our resident Player Types mascot. You’ll be seeing a lot of Levi this year because he represents the foundation of your business strategy: knowing your player types so you can provide an unforgettable guest experience for each and every one of them. More information on that in #3.

2. Learn the formula of an unforgettable guest experience

An unforgettable guest experience = a better bottom line. How do you create an unforgettable guest experience? You’ll have to read our catalog to find out (hint: look on page 6).

3. Discover how to define your demographics through the “Player Type System”

In order to create an unforgettable guest experience, you’ll also need to understand the data behind who’s walking through your doors. Let’s call them “Players,” shall we? Over the past 20 years, we’ve studied and categorized every player who could walk through your doors into four “Player Types,” each with their own tiers of prizes, redemption & game room behaviors, and experiences they expect from your business. In our 2017 catalog we get down and dirty with each Player Type and how they impact your business (we’re proud to say no Levi’s were harmed in the making of this catalog).

4. When you’ve got problems, we’ve got solutions

Every business struggles to run more efficiently and effectively. When customers look to us for answers to how they can improve their business, we start by asking them the following questions:

You wouldn’t run your Food & Beverage business or Bowling lanes without:

  • Food & beverage inventory system — or — data on bowling lane performance
  • Optimized operational processes for your food & beverage — or — bowling lanes
  • Quality restaurant design — or — quality bowling lanes
  • Great food presentation — or — clean & tidy bowling lanes
  • Quality ingredients — or—quality bowling balls & shoes
  • Well Trained Staff

So why should your Redemption & Game Rooms run without them?

Luckily, we don’t just have answers…we have solutions, too! (hint: start on page 5).

5. Stay ahead of the pack

Learn from one of the best of the best on page 3. Andy Bartholomy (Andy B’s Family Entertainment Center) shares how to remain relevant in an ever-changing industry.

6. A small science lesson… kinda

Since your guest experience is a culmination of every area of your business we figured out a way to improve your guest experience that satisfies every Player Type. We call it the PLUS Ecosystem. And like any ecosystem — for example, how fresh air is dependent on healthy trees and healthy trees are dependent on sufficient rain and sufficient rain is dependent on sun evaporation — if one of those pieces fails, we’re all doomed. Find out how we’ve revolutionized the way we serve your business and help you create unprecedented value, starting on page 8.

7. The best Prizes to fill & merchandise your Redemption wall with

At the end of the day we know you need the highest quality prizes to run your redemption program, on time & accurately. This need = fulfilled. Crack open our 2017 catalog to thumb through must-have merchandise for this year.

8. Birthday parties in a bag

Getting the right goodies for your birthday bash can be a pain! We make it simple with our Party Prize Bags. You’ll find more info on the last page of our catalog :)

If you have any questions, don’t forget out SMILE Team is here to help.

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