9 Reasons why you can’t survive without Prize Bags! 🎉

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August and September are the biggest birthday months in America. 🎉

Are you ready for the party rush? Parties typically go one of two ways: mayhem or organized mayhem. Our Prize Bags offer a chance to give you more control over your parties and party program. And here’s how:

They’re easier for mom & dad

Prize Bags are a shoe-in with parents. Putting together party favor items is a chore. They have to do the shopping and then assemble. Not to mention, transporting them to your facility can be difficult, too. By offering to take care of the hassle for them, you make the party-planning process simpler and it starts the family’s experience with your business on the right track.

They’re easier for your staff

The less variation for your party hosts, the better their experience will be working parties. By offering Prize Bags at your center, you allow party hosts to plan ahead for each event. They know each party guest will receive exactly the same bag and the hosts can decide the best time to hand them out (most likely just before everyone leaves).

Prize Bags can be used as an up sell strategy

Perhaps your center offers more than one party package? Packages can gain more value by including something like Prize Bags, meaning you can charge more. There’s an added bonus in making planning simpler for parents and therefore they might be interested in buying a higher-priced party package.

They’re gender neutral

Our Prize Bags offer toys that are perfect for any gender or age. The best part? All bags have the same item assortment, which equals the same experience for all party guests! Although, specific colors may vary…

Your other option? Well, see below. Prepare to hear a little girl crying about receiving a Princess coloring book when all she wanted was a Spider Man one. 😢

We keep it fresh

We know staying relevant to an ever-changing customer base is tough. That’s why we often refresh the items used in our Prize Bags, ensuring you have desirable offerings to your party guests.

Guaranteed in-stock

In the past, Redemption Plus has struggled to keep prize bags in stock. In part because they’re so popular, but also because we didn’t have a trusted vendor that adhered to tight deadlines.

The good news is we made some changes. We know out-of-stocks add variations to your business and that’s why we have changed vendors to better serve you. We promise our prize bags will always be in stock.

Take it from the experts

“The goody bag is alive and well. Kazoos, candies and plastic bracelets may be junk to us, but they’re treasure to a 6-year-old.” — Parenting.com, “Birthday Do’s & Don’ts”

Kid tested and approved

Our Prize Bags come with the “kid-approved” seal of awesomeness! We want to make sure the toys in our Prize Bags, as well as the design of the bags, are appealing to the target market. We put them to the test based on factors such as fun, functionality, design, quality, and packaging. Prize Bags passed with flying colors.

See more kid approved items here.

The deets

You even have two options when ordering our Bag-O-Smiles (that’s their official name 😉) We offer $1.15 avg. bag and $1.55 avg. bag choices. Each pack includes an assortment of 6 pieces including toys and candy in a fun reusable, sealed bag!

302700: case — 50 pcs, $1.15 each

317531: case — 40 pcs, $1.55 each

Training your party hosts and staff is a whole different ballgame.

You should talk to the experts at TrainerTainment. Here are some quick tips from them:

August and September bear the most birthdays in America. How are you ensuring a successful party program at your center? What are your secrets to keeping birthday parties organized and fun? Let us know with #InsightsEmpower.

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