A New Game On is Here!

Hit it out of the park this Spring Break 🏃

The weather may still be chilly where you live, but spring is quickly approaching and that means Spring Break is just around the corner, too!

Spring Break is arguably the busiest season for family and bowling entertainment centers. As you prepare for the influx of Spring Break customers, rest assured that we have your back! That’s why we refreshed our Game On Storyboard* to incorporate both indoor and outdoor games, perfect for guests to redeem at your center while on break, who might be on a road trip or enjoying some much-needed R&R.

*(Storyboards are pre-themed merchandise layouts, backed by analytics.)

Last week we learned why you need categories and sections in your redemption program merchandising. The refreshed Game On Storyboard is a timely place to start with that strategy.

We created this Storyboard last summer for kids who love spending time outdoors. For Spring this year, we’ve updated the Storyboard to incorporate indoor games, too. The merchandise layout now encompasses broader elements of games — unplugging from technology, getting up and active and spending time with friends — all perfect for time off during Spring Break!

Don’t drop the ball on spring break this year. Be stocked and ready for the rush! 😏

Let’s meet the Game On players

Introducing our *NEW* Game On Storyboard: Game On is a combination of indoor and outdoor game-style products that appeal to young and old, alike. As a full, 4' x 8' Storyboard, it will fit nicely next to any of our other sectioned merchandise layouts. These prizes are fun to use on while vacations or staycations!

There are 20 items in this Storyboard with competitive prizes for all player types. Just over a third of these items are in the Saver redemption range, with 35 percent of the prizes falling within the 1250+ ticket range. By having product that appeals to the Saver redemption range, you create the opportunity for repeat guests. This type of player will save his or her tickets over multiple visits before cashing them in!

The ticket values range from 125–5000 in this Storyboard, with the average value being 1950. You’ll need 32 square feet of available space in your redemption area for this Storyboard. These prizes will jump right off your shelves!

Let’s meet the players:

  • 317363 Franklin Tabletop Rod Hockey
  • 314332 Tabletop Soccer and Foosball
  • 320610 Monopoly® Nintendo® Gamer
  • 320764 Star Wars™ Operation
  • 320763 Hearing Things Game
  • 320191 Toilet Trouble Game
  • 320761 Jenga™ Pass Challenge
  • 317512 Sports Nerfoop® Assortment
  • 316323 Hasbro® Grab N Go™ Game Assortment
  • 320013 Jenga™ Quake
  • 320486 Coin Hole Game
  • 320269 Kan Jam® Mini Game Set
  • 316450 Bowling Set 5.25"
  • 318102 Sticky Dartboard 9.5"
  • 308989 Finger Football Game
  • 318043 Super Sport Pool Table Game
  • 309467 Basketball Net Set 10"
  • 309951 Lucky Striker Bowling Game
  • 311953 Duncan® Imperial YoYo Assortment
  • 311593 Jumbo Playing Cards 5"

& the MVP is… Sticky Dartboard!

We know you want your product assortment to be backed by proven sales data. The Game On Storyboard includes items with high sell-through indexes, meaning these items perform well in our customers’ redemption programs. The highest of these sell-through indexes in Game On is awarded to the Sticky Dartboard. This top-performing prize moves at over 5 times the average rate of all peg items in our line.

See our full top-performing products reports here!

Need more convincing to get the new Game On Storyboard?

Add a little meaning to the prizes you provide your guests. The Game On Storyboard offers merchandise that encourages unplugging from technology, getting up and active and spending time with friends. Why is this beneficial for you?

1 | The Toy Industry Association (TIA) has labeled Games Galore as a 2018 toy trend.

According to TIA, “ Growing interest in board games over the past few years has led to phenomenal growth in the games & puzzles category, with U.S. sales up 23 percent and 3 percent in 2016 and 2017, respectively.”

Incorporating popular, long-lasting trends in your redemption program, allows your product assortment to remain fresh and current, which is especially important to repeat visitors.

2 | Prizes in the Game On Storyboard allow kids to unplug from tech.

In a society dominated by technology and electronic devices, some off-screen time is crucial — especially for children. According to this US survey, American kids spend upwards of 6 hours on tech devices per day. Whoa. 😲

Help your guests cut back on screen time by including the Game On merchandise category in your redemption program. All prizes in the Storyboard are tech-free. No internet connection required! Game On will entertain your guests all Spring Break long. Not to mention, these games can all be played with more than one person, perfect for Spring Break sleepovers.

3 | Enhance social skills

Not only do the prizes in Game On help kids take a break from technology, but this type of play also helps develop social skills. The Genius of Play says this:

Cooperative play helps kids hone their social skills as they figure out how to negotiate group dynamics. It helps them learn how to collaborate and compromise with others, recognize and respond to others’ feelings, share, show affection, resolve conflicts, and adhere to the rules. In turn, these important early lessons help children understand the roles and rules of society!

You don’t need to study a playbook to know social skills are important in today’s world. The games in our Game On Storyboard help teach the traits mentioned above, as well as strategy and how to interact with others.

Your Spring Break Headquarters 🏖️

What’s your game plan to include Spring-Break-themed product in your redemption program?

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