Are you ready for the Back to School season? 📚

Write your equation for success

Americans are expected to spend $83.6 billion (yes, that’s billion with a “b”) on back to school items this year. That’s more than a 10 percent jump from 2016.

Does your business have a strategy for getting your piece of the back to school pie? School is in session for you and your business. Take a look at these three lessons to ensure you’re ready for kids to go back to class:

Lesson 1: Make the most of your “free time”

August is a great time to refresh your redemption area. As children go back to school, your center may become a little quieter during the weekdays. With the extra free time, your redemption manager should update the look and feel of your wall.

The back to school craze lasts from the middle of August to the beginning of October. This gives you roughly six weeks to include school-themed items in your redemption program.

Lesson 2: Merchandising 101 is for you

As things start to slow down at your center, it becomes the perfect time to help your redemption staff learn more about succeeding and growing in their work. We created Merchandising 101 online course to help you take control of training your new redemption team members. It’s the perfect refresher on merchandising for those who are veterans, too!

And, if you experience some natural turnover during seasonal shifts, this is a great, free go-to resource to get new redemption staff members trained on merchandising best practices.

Lesson 3: Opportunity is calling ☎️

Back to school shopping is exhausting, but lucky for you, it’s the perfect time to capitalize on more families being out and about.

A great question to ask yourself, “How can I bring families in via marketing promotions after their lists are crossed off?” Make sure you’re at the top of all the competing priorities once school starts. Not only will families be out and about school shopping, but fall sports are also just around the corner.

Figuring out your equation to success is important for the back to school season. Proper planning could be the difference between a successful Fall and a terrible start to the holiday season. Are you prepared? If not, talk to one of our Value Architects. They’ll get you squared away.

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