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Building Your Redemption Assortment, One Block At A Time

Building blocks can work be a great learning tool, assisting kids with creating motor skills and eye coordination, spatial thinking, intellectual adaptability, social skills, and building ability. At Redemption Plus, we’ve got a great selection of different building blocks for your guests to choose from.

First up, we’ve got several new choices from LEGO, which was named the most popular toy brand in 2021, with over 76 million Google searches performed ie: Your Guests already love LEGO! Fun Fact: Lego is an abbreviation of two Danish words- leg godt- which means play well.

Some newly-arrived LEGO® sets are ready to ship and can help you expand your building blocks section in your assortment with quality prizes at various price points.

LEGO Star Wars® AT-ST Item#325403
JW® Blue and Beta Velociraptor Capture Item #325405

Other new Lego® products added recently:

Lego® Beach Lifeguard Station Item #324650

Lego® Dolphin and Turtle Set Item #325406

Laser Pegs

We’ve recently started carrying a new line called Laser Pegs- buildable models with unique light-up bricks to illuminate the imagination. These are a slightly lower ticket value alternative to Lego, and we’ve got several really unique sets:

Microsparks Vehicle 2 pk Asmt Item #324976

3 in 1 F35 Jet Item #324978

Spider and Scorpion Duo Item#324977
Best-Selling Explorers Leviathan Item #324980

Another fun fact: You can make 900 million different combinations with just six blocks of 8 tube bricks. And speaking of different combinations, we want you to check out something a little bit out of the building block box- the Super Catapult Rail set. This race car set allows you to build your track in all kinds of crazy configurations!

Super Catapult Rail Car Set Item #323920

Any of these items will allow your guests to play well and construct all kinds of good fun! Don’t miss the opportunity to jump on the building block trend and see your Guests play to win!

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