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Dec 3, 2020 · 5 min read

Contrary to popular belief, optimized spatial design for redemption is different than retail interior designing. Unfortunately, when you work with a designer who is unfamiliar with the amusement industry, you miss out on the expertise needed to create an inviting and revenue-generating space for your redemption.

At Redemption Plus, our design team has taken the time to understand the relationship between the games in the game room and redemption prizes. It is a friendly competition, but your redemption does need to compete for visual attention to stimulate and support continued gameplay (and therefore spend).

When to begin thinking about the design of your redemption space

The typical timeline from design to opening a redemption area is about 3–4 months and that’s with an aggressive construction plan. Many people consider redemption too late in the process, which creates logistical challenges and could sacrifice a cohesive, branded look throughout the entirety of your facility.

For example, say you have the rest of your facility themed and branded, but forgot to consider the redemption area. You are putting your business at risk for seeming pieced together.

As soon as you know you know you will be including redemption games in your facility or as soon as you have made the decision to remodel, you’ll want to start considering what your design will look like.

If you know you want to use our design and/or merchandising services, book a time to get the ball rolling. It’s never too early to get on the calendar and it can be one less thing you have to worry about.

Pro tip: If you’re building a new facility, we can help with design and theming areas beyond your redemption area as well!

Deciding the size of your room

What works for another business probably won’t work for your facility. You want a space design that is tailored to your facility information and specs. It’s not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to the square footage of slat wall, bin cabinet size or even the amount of SKUs you need.

At Redemption Plus, we’ve developed a formula for deciding an optimal size redemption space. We consider the amount of games you’ll have in your game room, the footprint of other attractions in your facility and other elements to plan out how much space you’ll need for redemption.

How does redemption differ from retail?

You want to try to allow your customer to visually shop and not physically visit the store until their wallet is empty! Once they are in the redemption space there is a 50/50 chance they will decide to end their visit and finish up. If they can keep their eyes and mind on what you have to offer, they will stay within the game room longer and put more into your games.

Your customers may spend too much time at the register deciding. Build an experience where they can see, touch, and play with anything to make their decision easy when it comes time to check out.

You may need to attend to more than just the redemption room at your service counter. You need a team that can recognize and understand these needs and the attractions they will service.

What should my redemption area look like

Providing your customers with a unique, branded experience is a powerful way to create a profitable business. The traffic ease-of-flow from your game room to the redemption room is an essential piece of the puzzle to keep game dollars generating.

Whoever designs your redemption space should focus on the art and psychology of custom entertainment designs. Having someone who can turn your needs into an environment that supports your team and excites customers is an important requirement for a design partner.

How to fully utilize your space

Are you using every inch of space that you can for your redemption? Are you using too much space for too much redemption product and spending beyond what you need to on product?

We help formulate how much product you may need and use your demographics to assist in how we can feature and maximize interest in your product.

In working on a plan with so many moving parts in mind, we create a space that keeps your customers interested in the experience and giving you repeat business.

Ready to design a space that excites your customers and drives revenue?

Redemption Plus Design services include:

1 | Redemption spaces
2 | Interior design of game & party rooms, lobbies and beyond
3 | Fixture engineering
4 | Coordination with your contractors

And so much more!

Place your trust in a partner specializing in designing spaces within the fun industry. Redemption Plus delivers intentional, custom designs that fit your branding, budget and timeline. We utilize a network of builders across the nation to bring your tailored design to life.

As a Redemption Plus design client, You can be as hands-on or off as you’d like as we work through the details.

1 | Consulting — Advisory counsel of many different spaces you may need assistance with
2 | Custom Design — Utilize our services to design spaces throughout your facility including but not limited to: game room, party room, and redemption
3 | Experiential Design — Out of the box fixtures or overall designs that impress on a unique level
4 | Inspiration Boards — We can help you create inspiration boards to assist you in presentations and bank proposals
5 | Design Kits — These predesigned kits help you upgrade your current space or utilize other kits as a complete plan for those who have standard space dimensions, such as a 12' redemption counter
6 | AutoCAD or SketchUp 3d Drawings — Turn your space into manipulable 2D or 3D drawings

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Elevating the Family Entertainment & Bowling Center industry with progressive and innovative best practices for bettering businesses and communities. Also updates from Redemption Plus, learnings included

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Insights Empower

Elevating the Family Entertainment & Bowling Center industry with progressive and innovative best practices for bettering businesses and communities. Also updates from Redemption Plus, learnings included