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Jan 17, 2018 · 5 min read

For years, retailers have applied elements of psychology in design to entice customers, not only to come into their stores but also to help drive specific consumer behavior. With all the research available on the subject, why should redemption and game areas be designed any differently?

Let’s look at the concept of color. Color plays an important role in conveying information, creating certain moods, and even influencing the decisions people make. For example, a yellow room can make a person feel anxious, while a blue room can instill a sense of calm.

Then there’s lighting. Light plays a direct role in the functionality (think how boring LazerTag might be if the room was well-lit) and the atmosphere of a space. According to lighting design firm, RS, “Light influences our well-being, the aesthetic and the mood of a room or area.”

These and other elements of design — like space & texture — come together to create experiential views of the space itself. In Retail Design: Theoretical Perspectives, edited by Ann Petermans & Anthony Kent, we learn, “Value is created through experiential dimensions, in which the consumer is emotionally involved in the consumption [redemption] process and where imagination, sensory perceptions, immersion, and emotions are prevalent.”

Say whaaat? In other words, the mere experience of being able to touch, feel and shop for oneself creates emotional connections. If your redemption space is limited to just a counter, design can help tackle that feat. If you have a redemption room, it’s important that all your design elements come together to create a positive emotional experience for your guests.

Do you have a strong design partner who considers these elements in an FEC environment, specifically?

A well planned, designed and merchandised redemption center is one of the most important investments you can make!

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Through the talents of our on-site Digital Experience Architect, Aimeé Dolehanty, Redemption Plus offers these design services:

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  • Custom Design Redemption (Counter or Room) — Assist in room size and placement, design of interior fixtures and layout, which make up the room’s features and experience
  • Custom Game Room Design — Assist in room size and placement, design of room’s interior aesthetics in order to create the desired environment
  • Consulting — Advisory counsel of game room or redemption room design
  • AutoCAD Drawings — Turn your space into manipulable 2D drawings
  • AutoCAD Game Layouts — For initial game set up or to help you become more profitable with your existing games through the use of spacing and arrangement
  • Oversight of Design Installation — Aimeé will work with the installation team to make sure everything is as it should be
  • SketchUp 3D Modeling — Turn your space into manipulable 3D drawings
  • Stock Designs — These are designs for those who have standard space dimensions, such as a 12' redemption counter

Common Mistakes That Ruin Design

  • Considering the redemption center too late in the construction process, leaving insufficient budget.
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  • Selecting off-the-shelf, retail-type display cabinets (redemption display standards are different than retail and the use is different).
  • Thinking that cheaper is better. Off-the-shelf cases can fall apart easily, leaving you to scramble to replace them.
  • Thinking that bigger is better. It’s all about right sizing for the game sales volume and traffic.
  • Thinking that architects are best to design the redemption center. (They typically don’t understand the dynamics of redemption and go for form over function — meanwhile costing too much.)
  • Not understanding the features, and therefore, not getting an apples-to-apples bid comparison.

How is a design project completed from start to finish?

Whether you have an existing facility or are opening a new location, Redemption Plus can help you with your design needs. If you’re a new center, it’s best to consider design early in the process to avoid those terrible mistakes listed above.

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A typical design project goes like this:

1 | Design introduction meeting: Aimeé will walk through our Redemption Plus design portfolio and service packages to see what will best suit your needs

2 | Preliminary design meeting: Here’s where Aimeé will review your space, wants, and specific design requirements

3 | Preliminary design: We deliver the first draft of design to ensure the Aimeé is on the right track with your needs and wants

4 | Final design: This is the final result, including any changes made after the preliminary design 👏

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5 | Builder dimensions: We deliver basic design dimensions to your builder, so they can get to work

6 | Builder communication: Aimeé is open to any communication your builder may need

If you’re ready to take your redemption or game area design to the next level, reach out to Aimeé, or a Value Architect.

2018 Is Your Year

Design is only one piece of the puzzle. is your guide for success all things redemption-related. We’re here to help you make the most out of 2018. Check out the topics we’re going to cover in the coming weeks:

  • The hottest product for Spring Break 2018
  • The science of merchandising (three-part series)
  • 2018 toy trends
  • & much, much more — stay tuned…

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Insights Empower

Elevating the Family Entertainment & Bowling Center…

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Redemption Plus

Written by

Insights Empower

Elevating the Family Entertainment & Bowling Center industry with progressive and innovative best practices for bettering businesses and communities. Also updates from Redemption Plus, learnings included

Redemption Plus

Written by

Insights Empower

Elevating the Family Entertainment & Bowling Center industry with progressive and innovative best practices for bettering businesses and communities. Also updates from Redemption Plus, learnings included

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