Disguise your redemption area this Halloween 👻

Play sets are just what you need

Let’s go back to a distant past. A time with no family entertainment centers, no redemption programs, and no awesome prizes to take home… (scared yet?)

We’re going back to a time when the Celts lived in the area now known as Ireland, about 2,000 years ago. The Celts celebrated a festival called Samhain, during which people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts.

Today, the traditions have developed into what we now know as the spookiest holiday of all — HALLOWEEN! 🎃

In modern — less scary — times 43.9 percent of Americans dress up annually for Halloween. The most popular children’s costumes: Princess (11 percent) and Superhero (6.8 percent). The average spend on a Halloween costume is $31.52 based on 2016 data.

With the right spell (and product assortment), you can cash in on some of this market through your redemption program.

Enough of the history lesson…

Play sets are the perfect option to offer your guests around Halloween. They double as Halloween costumes and can save your guests a trip to the over-packed party store. Here are a few of our favorite sets:

319989 | Wild West Play Set

The Wild West can be a dangerous place, but not when the Masked Man is in town! This complete lone ranger set includes: Holster, Mask, Badge, Toy Gun.

317932 | Princess Jewelry Set

Every girl is a princess. All she’s missing is a few accessories! This set comes with a matching tiara, necklace, 2 sets of earrings and ring.

317929 | Fireman (or woman) Play Set

Let your imagination go! Carry out firefighting missions with the 5-piece play set. Set includes an ax, walkie-talkie, headset, badge and extinguisher.

318314 | Hero Rescue Play Set

Everything you need to be a man or woman in uniform. Set includes a badge, glasses, clicker gun, radio, handcuffs & keys.

Disguise Your Eyes (Or Face)

There are lots of dress-up options for your redemption program that are great for Halloween-time, and really any time of the year. If you have the space for you, you might consider making a temporary section of costume/Halloween-theme items.

Here you could put any of the above play sets, products from our disguises section and our exclusive Halloween prizes!

Don’t forget to include both licensed and non-licensed products. The licensed items play the important role of increasing the perceived value of this section of your wall. The non-licensed items give the opportunity for a lower-ticket earner to still cash in on a great, spooky prize!

Other Halloween Items

We’ve stocked up on all things ghosts and ghouls for you to include in your redemption area this fall. By including holiday-themed items you are helping your business remain relevant to your customers. There are Halloween items for your bins, wall and cranes.

  • Now is the time to also incorporate spooky items into your cranes. By dedicating one or two cranes in your game room to Halloween-themed plush, you can increase game-play by keeping your cranes applicable to life outside your center.

Other “Tricks”

Consider incorporating Halloween into your center in more ways than just through your redemption prizes. You could host a costume contest for your community — you team members could even participate in the fun. Host a trunk-or-treat, put up Halloween decorations in your center, offer a special spooky meal or drink options, organize Halloween-themed activities for your guests to participate in during your visit. Some other ideas:

  • Hand out trick-or-treat bags with your logo on them
  • Host a pumpkin carving contest
  • Have fun with spooky hashtags on your social media
  • Team up with other local businesses for a special event

If you’re looking for a more defined strategy on what Halloween product to include or how much of it to buy, give us a call and we’ll get you set up! 🎃

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