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How To Maximize Crane Play With Halloween Prizes

We are entering one of the most fun times of the year, for many. With the cooler weather come holidays that we look forward to all year round. Tapping into the spirit of Halloween, for example, can provide your location’s Guests with an exhilarating experience of winning a true novelty spooky prize. As with the Winter Holidays, there is a myriad of characters that are built-in to Halloween. So how do you leverage the excitement of Halloween in a short period of time? Look no further than your crane machines!

Crane machines are the perfect avenue for enticing your Guests with the spirit of Halloween. Why?

So here’s the “trick” to Seasonal prizes: Don’t buy deep. You don’t need to buy a ton of product to get the bang for your Halloween buck. 1–2 cases per designated crane will do the “treat.”

Do I need to fill all my cranes with Holiday prizes to make it effective? No. Let’s say you have four cranes in your facility. Putting a different assortment in two cranes will give your Guests choices, keep your costs low and still create excitement for winning a Halloween prize.

Want some scary awesome Halloween plush assortments? We’ve got you covered. Check out this week’s Eyes On The Prize for our recommendations! While you’re there, subscribe to our channel so you never miss a trend!



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