IAAPA 2017 Booth #404 is upon us

But first, one more post about Storyboards, because why not?

We’re launching our 3-part IAAPA 2017 series beginning today… with this post… that you’re reading RIGHT now!

Welcome, we’re glad you’re here! This year’s IAAPA is going to be full of fun. We know planning your week can be a daunting task. With 1,000+ exhibitors at the show it’s difficult to prioritize visits, schedule meetings, attend educational sessions, feast at dinner parties, ride all the rides, taste all the yummy food — BeaverTails, amiright?! — all in one week!

We want to help you make the most out of your IAAPA 2017 experience. Throughout the next three weeks, we’ll be talking about what will be in booth #404.

Without further ado, the first stop on the road to IAAPA 2017 is…you guessed it… Storyboards.

Immerse yourself in 8 stories

If you haven’t heard about our Storyboard program yet, it’s meant to simplify your redemption program management. Storyboards are a series of pre-designed merchandising layouts backed by analytics. Each Storyboard is merchandised with a narrative in mind to engage your guests and make finding the perfect prize a piece of cake.

COULD YOU USE MORE TIME?Keeping track of trends, best practices, the science of merchandising and changes to customer behavior all take hours of effort. Let us handle the hassle, while you focus on what you need to: managing an amazing business and guest experience.

COULD YOU BENEFIT FROM INCREASED PERCEIVED VALUE? A first impression can last a lifetime, and often takes place within a matter of seconds. With Storyboards as your primary merchandising method, we’ll increase the perceived value of your redemption program by keeping your wall clean, easy-to-navigate, and constantly updated with the latest & greatest, quality prizes.

Meet the Storyboard Stars of IAAPA 2017 Booth #404

Here are the Storyboards we’ll be featuring this year in our booth:

Adulting: Adulting doesn’t have to be hard! Grown-ups like prizes, too! These prizes are perfect for centers with an adult atmosphere. The prizes provide a range of options with a nod to nostalgia.

Impulse: Impulse is your gotta-have-it section. It’s the area of your wall nobody will be able to pass by without looking twice. All the prizes are low-ticket values, there’s literally something for everyone!

Jumbo: Jumbo is big, oversized, huge, mega!! All the items you’ll find in this section are, well, jumbo! Wow your guests with these larger-than-life prizes to add some big-time sales to your redemption program.

Ooey Goey: Mix it, mash it, mold it, mush it. You can do it all in this category. Whether it’s sticky, slimy, squishy or silly, your guests will love to play with these items. Low ticket values keep them coming back for more.

Things That Bounce: Things that bounce are one of the most classic forms of toys. Balls are a hit for redemption programs. The best part is they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors — adding variety into your redemption program and appealing to all types of guests.

Soft & Cuddly: Soft & Cuddly is compiled of high- and low-ticket items to serve a variety of guests. This Storyboard has something for everyone. With a mix of licensed and generic, you will find something every player wants to snuggle up to.

Game On: Game On is the perfect way to incorporate the “Up & Active” trend, which was named a Top Toy Trend by the Toy Industry Association. It includes a solid combination of indoor and outdoor prizes that can reach all your player types.

Ready For Battle: Ready For Battle action toys are a traditional favorite choice for redemption. There’s always something new in this category to attract players of all ages. Take action and bring this Storyboard to your center. It’s a must-have.

Backed By Analytics

We are constantly evaluating the performance of each item in all our Storyboard offerings. Each item is given a performance number that is a representation of how many units your facility should be redeeming monthly. Keep in mind, a small number isn’t always bad. For example, you may only go through a few high-end items, but because they are high ticket values and encourage guests to come back for more, that’s OK. Every prize must serve a purpose.

We also allot a performance indicator metric for each item. This number cross-references key performance factors: age range, units redeemed per month, and ticket value. Combined, these alert us whether the prize is a success, or a “cya-later!” product. When we see a significant dip in this metric, we find a fitting replacement lickety-split, so you lose no time winning.

Anything else?

You can shop all our Storyboard offerings before even arriving at IAAPA. Just click here! You’ll find all sorts of options that will work in any sized space. We offer 4' by 8', 2' by 4' and 4' by 4' options, which allows you to piece together your room however you like!

We’ll be happy to put together a plan of Storyboards for you at the show. If you’re ready to order Storyboards now, give one of our Value Architects or Experience Crusaders a call.

Redemption Plus IAAPA HQ

Redemption Plus will be camping out in IAAPA Attractions Expo Booth #404 this year. When you’re navigating those 9 miles of aisles, be sure to stop by and say hello! 👋

This article is by Tabatha Bender, Connection Crusader at Redemption Plus.

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