Imagination Station

We’re bringing back castles, dress up and “Can’t Touch the Lava!”

We love our electronics like any other 21st-century cool person, but every once in a while nothing beats pure imagination. Seriously…when else are you going to be able to take a cardboard box to the moon?! (If you plan on doing that, let us know. We want to come.)

Why you need to play pretend

Playing pretend benefits your guests in more ways than one! This form of play enhances social, emotional, language and thinking skills.

“Pretend play provides your child with a variety of problems to solve. Whether it’s two children wanting to play the same role or searching for the just right material to make a roof for the playhouse, your child calls upon important cognitive thinking skills that he will use in every aspect of his life, now and forever.” — Scholastic Magazine

By providing redemption items that encourage pretend play, you are encouraging your guests to exercise and develop their creativity. Why is this important? Fortune Magazine has labeled creativity as a necessity in the workplace. In fact, creative individuals are better at thinking critically and solving problems.

*Introducing* Our Imagination Station Storyboard

Our Imagination Station Storyboard will transport your guests to the places of their wildest imaginations. At a full-sized 4' by 8' Storyboard, this set of items will fit nicely next to any of our other standard Storyboards. There are 17 items in this assortment, which gives your guests 17 ways to play creatively!

The average ticket value for this Storyboard is 882 tickets. Most of the items are in the Trader Redemption Range — with just over half the items in the 300–1250 ticket range. There are prizes as low as 250, for the impulse players that visit your center, and as high as 2500 for your guests who tend to save up their tickets for a higher-desired prize!

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SKU# 200638

Here’s the full list of Imagination Station Items:

All Aboard to the Imagination Station

Incorporating items — like the Princess Jewelry Set — in nontraditional ways can help put your guests into a creative frame of mind, thus, hopefully making the redemption experience for playful and memorable. Have your team members participate in the fun. Try putting on a silly hat or wearing the Unicorn Headband to get guests interacting with them.

To learn about other Storyboards we offer, click here! If you’re interested in ordering the Imagination Station Storyboard, or wondering what Storyboard it might look best next to, give us a call and we’ll get you set up! 👍

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