Introducing Our Jumbo Storyboard

Last week we introduced Why the “Oversized” Trend is Worth Watching. This week, we’re here to help you make your redemption program be larger than life.

“Adding an abstract and exaggerated experience, oversized toy products appeal to consumers with a sense of humor and an appreciation for unique goods. Creating an added level of escapism and imagination to time spent playing, these designs are vastly different from toys of the past, and mark a consumer interest in standing apart with unexpectedly designed products.” — TrendHunter

The Storyboard Solution

Our Jumbo Storyboard is a seamless way to incorporate the jumbo toy trend into your redemption program. As a 2x4 Storyboard, you can plug the product layout into virtually any space on your wall.

There are 8 items in this Storyboard with prizes for all player types. It’s heavy on the Impulse redemption range with 50 percent of items falling within the 0–250 ticket range. The ticket values range from 150–6000 in this Storyboard, with the average value being 1300.

Here’s the full list of items in the Jumbo Storyboard:

  • 311596: Jumbo Playing Cards 5in.
  • 320161: Giant Comb 15in Asmt
  • 308996: Jumbo Sunglasses 11in Asmt
  • 314521: Mondo Coil Spring 135mm
  • 313740: Giant OOPS Eraser 10.5in Asmt
  • 305638: Airzooka™ Air Blaster
  • 316946: Giant Sticky Hand 12.75in Asmt
  • 315396: Big Piano Mat 6ft


  • 320158: Pirate Sword Inflate 26in
  • 316354: Super Scoops® 12in
  • 313444: Rainbow Spring 175mm
  • 313252: Lava® Grande Blue with Yellow Wax Lamp 27in

So, you want the Jumbo Storyboard, now what?

As a 2-foot, by 4-foot, merchandise layout the Jumbo Storyboard can easily be paired with any of our other 2x4 Storyboards to create a 4-foot, by 4-foot section. Other 2x4 Storyboards we offer include Adulting, Impulse, Ooey Gooey and lots of other smaller versions of our classic Storyboards.

To learn about other Storyboards we offer, click here! If you’re interested in ordering the Jumbo Storyboard, give us a call and we’ll get you set up! 👍

In case you need more convincing, here are two more reasons why the Jumbo Storyboard will help you win BIG:

#1 | Let’s get focused…

Focal points are critical when it comes to maximizing the perceived value of your redemption prizes. Large prizes with bright, attractive colors help guide your guests’ attention and elevate their desire to trade up to a higher redemption range and get the prizes that look the best, like all our giant toy prizes!

#2 | Stand out from the crowd!

Providing your guests with high-quality, unique prizes will give them an unforgettable experience at your center. For example, show your guests you’re the best choice in your market by incorporating prizes they won’t be able to find anywhere else, like many of our JUMBO items. Seems like a stretch? Let’s break down why these memorable items go a long way:

  • Narratives (stories) are what help us define and build a series of Sensory Experiences. Sensory experiences are important because they are the quickest way for information to access the brain. They are also what build…
  • Memories. Memories are a collection of sensory experiences (smells, tastes, things you see, etc.) that we then transform into something of “meaning,” which we call a “memory.” Exclusive prizes, like our Giant Comb or Giant OOPS Eraser, help build exclusive sensory experiences, and therefore memories, separating you from the rest of the competition.
  • Memories create meaning for us because it is the memories we forget and don’t forget that start to shape our understanding of the value of our past & present. Meaning = Value.
  • In an age of abundance, meaning is also what sits at the top of our hierarchy of needs.
  • The memories that hold meaning (value) to us, become unforgettable. And what is unforgettable…is unprecedented value.
  • And therefore… creates loyalty to your business, which positively adds to your bottom line.

The jumbo toy trend is versatile and you’ll find extra large items in many of our other Storyboards, like Jumbo Tennis Balls in the Things That Bounce Storyboard, for example.

If you’re wondering which Storyboard pairs best with Jumbo or wanting to implement Storyboards into your redemption program, give us a call (or chat, or email).

This article is by Tabatha Bender, Connection Crusader at Redemption Plus.

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