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Lighting: Redemption’s Life, Action & Attitude!

Why do we talk about lighting so much? How do you bring life into your Redemption Area? Nothing can begin without light…most importantly, life! So, this is where we begin!

Lighting is the key to focus on your players’ mind and money. Every game in your game room has some kind of lighting involved. This lighting is created to not only catch the eye of your player but to hypnotize them into staying in the games’ grasp. Every color, blink, and fade of a light is programmed in that game to keep a brain active and engaged. This is why lighting is just as important in your Redemption Area as in the game room itself. We need to keep your customers’ brain focused on the end result; not just any prize but the best prize they have an opportunity to win.

In a sense, your Redemption Room is the largest merchandiser in your game room. When you think of it in this respect, you begin to realize the importance of lighting and drawing your players’ eyes and mind to it every chance you get.

Let’s begin with basic lighting (or what I like to call the “Life” of your Redemption Room). Your players should be able to see the difference between storyboards, items, colors and such from within the game room. Your room begins with lighting that brightens each fixture in a manor that makes it appealing and noticeable. These lights can come from many different options. Track lighting with focus on specific areas can help spotlight fixtures that have little light built in, wall washes will help with the overall lighting of an entire area that is in need of a boost of life, cam lighting will help with the overall ambient lighting in the area for customers to shop by. These lights can be essential in the everyday workings of your Redemption Room.

Color-changing LED lights will bring action and attitude to your fixtures and prizes! With the addition of the action of this type of lighting, your players’ eyes and brain are snatched up and hypnotized by the prizes as much as they are by every game on the floor. The prizes are no longer an afterthought or a going away gift. The prizes are now active participants in the mind of your player every time they cross paths with a sightline to the Redemption Room. And in turn, the attitude of the light screams “LOOK AT ME! WIN ME!”, which triggers your player’s mind to “need” more tickets for that bigger and badder prize! By utilizing this strategy, we are showing a brain that these prizes are fun and exciting. Therefore, driving gameplay within your game room and essentially emptying your players’ wallets for them!

Ask yourself this next time you look at your Redemption Room: Does my room have life to it, does my room speak for itself or is my room putting on its Party Pants and painting the town red?

(This post was written by Aimeé Dolehanty, Redemption Plus Lead Creative Designer. Feel free to email her to learn more about lighting and her design services overall at adolehanty@redemptionplus.com)



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