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FEC Marketing Basics 📈

Don’t get hit by summer break without an incentive program. 👇

It’s never too early to start preparing.

First, let’s back up. What’s an “incentive program?” The Business Dictionary defines incentive marketing as the use of motivational devices such as competitions, games, premiums, and special pricing to promote the sale of a merchandise or service.

Summer is a great time to start or enhance your incentive marketing and marketing efforts in general. Kids are out of school, which means families have more free time in their schedules. But more free time doesn’t guarantee they’ll choose your business as their form of entertainment. You’re up against competing priorities during the summer hindering your chance to get guests in the door — summer and sports camps, family vacations, etc.

That’s why incentive marketing is so critical; it can be easy to implement and is worth the investment (if done strategically). The first step is to define goals for your incentive marketing and decide tactics accordingly to accomplish those goals.

Your goals can be anything from getting people in your doors, to increasing game play while guests are at your center, to coming back to enjoy your center again another time, to promoting your business in your community, just to name a few.

From there, it’s training your staff, if needed, and implementing your strategies. Below are some simple incentive program ideas to help get you started. 👇

Goal: Gain potential customers through word of mouth

Tactic 1 | Give customers an incentive to leave reviews online (Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook). It’s important that you don’t “buy” these reviews. We suggest not offering something for free or at a discount for writing reviews. Rather, enter everyone who writes a review into a random-drawing contest of some sort. Since these customers have already been to your center, a contest to win a pass to one of your attractions will bring this guest back for a repeat visit, which drives additional revenue.

Not only will this drive organic word of mouth, but it will also give your business valuable feedback as to what you’re doing well and what you can improve upon. Here are some other tips.

Tactic 2 | Incentivize customers for “checking in” on Facebook . Give them an extra 10% on their game cards after they’ve shown they checked in, for example. It’s free advertising and spreads brand awareness. Not to mention it’s a quick process, so it won’t slow down your customers getting to the fun of their experience.

Goal: Get people in the door during slow times

Tactic 1 | Use weather reports and community events to determine what kind of promotion you should be running. Running a promotion ahead of the slow days, for example, “This Wednesday, beat the heat with laser tag! Purchase your passes now to get free lemonade when you visit.”

Use promoted posts or ads to expand your reach on Facebook. You also should consider creating a custom audience for better targeting and a more profitable spend. Custom audiences will also help you connect with your community and create the potential for first-time customers.

Goal: Upsell the experience

Tactic 1 | Incentivize game play through other attractions. For example, offer 10 game-play credits with the purchase of an additional game of mini golf, laser tag, bowling, or sale of any other attractions. This will not only promote your game room sales but will also allow customers to experience more of what you have to offer.

Tactic 2 | Give party guests a coupon for $5 in game play next time they come to your center. Parties are the perfect place to provide incentives to return. Party guests are there to celebrate the birthday kid, but it’s nice when they receive something in return. By giving each guest a coupon to return, you open the opportunity for that child to bring his entire family to your center!

Tactic 3 | Who doesn’t like to level up in a game? The same experience can be applied to your redemption program. An example of this tactic would be to offer an extra 500 tickets to guests who redeem 1000 tickets or more. This pushes them into the Saver Redemption Range.

This tactic upsells game play in two ways:
The first is after receiving an extra 500 tickets, she may now be closer to a more desirable item and will save her tickets for another visit to your business, transitioning her into a repeat guest.

The second potential way this tactic upsells game play is if a guest is close to the 1000-ticket mark after exhausting his game credits, he may purchase more in order to reach that threshold.

Goal for the pros: Collect email addresses to remarket to your customer base

Tactic 1 | Create an automated email*, which includes a discount of your choice after customers register their email addresses with your system. This discount can be on something for their current or next visit. Be sure to mention this promotion during the check-out process. Keep in mind, the more immediate the reward, the more likely they will be to register.

*If you don’t have an email platform, we highly suggest investing in one. There are many free platforms out there depending on your list size.

Tactic 2 | Add an email sign up form to your website with an incentive attached to completing the form. You create the form through your email marketing provider and add the code to your website.

Shenaniganz has the right idea!

Not only is collecting email addresses great for email marketing purposes, but you can also use email addresses to create your custom audience on Facebook.

Incentive marketing is worthless if you don’t follow through with exceptional customer service

A great way to understand the full customer journey –thanks to Google–is through two “Moments-of-Truth,” or the most critical decision-making points for customers: ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) and AMOT (Actual Moment of Truth). Here’s an overview:

ZMOT is everything a customer does before they walk through your doors — googling, looking up your business on Facebook, looking at reviews online, interacting with your online incentive marketing, etc.

AMOT is your business following up on the promises you’ve made. Did you deliver a good experience? Are you engaging with guests after they leave your center?

AMOT is where phenomenal customer service comes in to seal the deal! When your guests leave, their experience isn’t over yet. As their memory lingers, so does your opportunity to capture their hearts and continue the “experience” until the next visit. Don’t leave them in limbo; engage with your audience even after they’ve left.

  • Respond to online reviews
  • Send thank you emails — especially to customers who’ve “cashed in” on your incentive marketing tactics
  • Shout out customers on social media — with their permission, of course

The possibilities are endless.

Your incentive marketing won’t be worth the investment without a positive AMOT, or guest experience.

Have A Successful Summer ☀️

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