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How the box office defines your redemption prize assortment

Movies are a powerful force in American society. Their themes often mirror what is happening in non-fiction life, but just how much of an impact do films play on our economic field?

At the top of the food chain is The Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. The movies have made a collective $9.3 billion at the box office to date. This number will continue to grow immensely, as the franchise has planned films through 2020.

Next up is The Star Wars™ saga. These movies have garnered a close-second $6.7 billion through ticket sales, with new release dates scheduled until 2019. The franchise’s popularity is credited to its multi-generational appeal that makes a perfect recipe for box office and retail success.

So what does this mean for your redemption program?

Star Wars’™ toy licensing alone has generated $12 billion in sales. This gives your business the perfect avenue to profit based on popular social movements such as movies.

Movie franchises are even better for your redemption program because they keep similar product relevant in the marketplace for a longer period of time. Star Wars™, for example, has been around for almost 40 years. This gives you a larger amount of time to sell through your licensed merchandise.

The Storyboard Solution

Our Movies and More Storyboard includes both licensed and related non-licensed items to capitalize on the entrenched popularity of movies and pop culture. It’s got Star Wars™, it’s got Avengers™, it’s even got unicorns (read about why those are popular here).

There are 28 items in this Storyboard with items for all player types. It’s heavy on the Trader redemption range with 54 percent of items falling within the 300–1250 ticket range. The Saver redemption range is the next largest coming in at 38 percent of the 28 items.

Here’s the full list of items in the Movies & More Storyboard:

  • 320222 Marvel­® Avengers™ Captain America™ Blaster Reveal Shield
  • 319864 Star Wars™ Monopoly®
  • 320186 Mega Blaster Web Shooter
  • 320414 Guardians of the Galaxy™ Sun-Staches®
  • 320402 Guardians of the Galaxy 2™ DRAX POP!® Figurine
  • 320403 Guardians of the Galaxy 2™ Rocket POP!® Figurine
  • 320385 Guardians of the Galaxy™ Star Lord Mask
  • 320336 Five Night’s at Freddy’s™ Sun-Staches®
  • 320346 Super Mario Bros™ and Friends Blind Bags
  • 320347 Five Night’s at Freddy’s™ Blind Bags
  • 320432 Guardians of the Galaxy™ Finger Puppet Blind Bags
  • 320351 Nintendo® Controller Candy
  • 320231 Disney™ Tsum Tsum Series 3D Foam Key Ring Blind Bag
  • 320350 Super Mario™ Question Box Candy Tin
  • 320232 DC Comics™ Series 1 3D Foam Key Ring Bling Bag
  • 320496 Spider-Man Stomp Rocket
  • 320501 Spider-Man Hero FX Glove
  • 320498 Spider-Man Sun-Staches®
  • 320445 Star Wars™ Galaxy Hunt Game
  • 320547 My Little Pony Lip Gloss
  • 320548 My Little Pony Tumbler
  • 320549 My Little Pony Collectible Pack
  • 320550 Unicorn Fizzy Foil Bag
  • 320551 My Little Pony Explore Equestrian Asmt.
  • 320552 Magical Unicorn Poop
  • 320554 Poonicorn™ Plush Asmt 16in.

We incorporate all things trendy in this storyboard — both popular movie merchandise and trending pop culture items. This will give players who cannot earn enough tickets for licensed product an option to redeem something trendy without breaking their ticket bank.

Movies are deeply entrenched in America’s pop culture. When used strategically, merchandise from popular movies can be a big winner for your redemption program. If you’d like to build a strategy around movie-related product talk to one of our Customer Success team members. They’re always happy to help!

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