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Sun’s Out Fun’s Out will make your redemption area ready for spring!

America is in full Spring-Break mode. Schools take their spring or winter trimester breaks anytime between mid-February to mid-April, which means now is the time for your FEC to shine! Whether your business is located in a tourist area or a small town there are ways for you to capitalize on schools being out of session.

We’ve got the perfect place for you to start getting your redemption area ready for the rush. But first, some Spring-Break Survival Notes:

Touristy time: For those of you located in travel destination areas, be prepared to see increased foot traffic. Over a third of Americans (35 percent) traveled 50 miles or more last year to their spring break destinations.

Within the states, San Diego, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, the Outer Banks, Honolulu, and Sanibel Island all top the destinations list according to U.S. News. For those of you in those areas, spending some extra time on prepping your redemption area for the increased amount of guests will pay off. Make sure you’re incorporating spring-themed items — like toys to use outdoors.

Staycations for the win: For the other 2/3rds of Americans staying home, they’ve got to do something with all the extra free time. A first-time visit from a local family during Spring Break gives your business the opportunity to create a loyal customer base. Try marketing some incentives to help local families “beat cabin fever” and come to your center.

A word from those who matter: According to a 2017 family travel survey by NYU, customer service can go a long way for traveling families. This is what one survey respondent had to say on what makes the biggest difference when on vacation:

“Just the generosity of others. I am a large family and going anywhere is a handful. It’s the kindness of others that gets us through the process.”

Whether you’re in a tourist location or not, this quote shows the importance of good customer service and what it means to those who will be visiting your center.

Where to start: Our new Sun’s Out Fun’s Out Storyboard is a category of products that promote outdoor family activities and will appeal to customers who want to extend the fun they had in your center.

The clouds are parting with the arrival of the Sun’s Our Fun’s Out Storyboard!

Need to refresh your wall with a seasonal theme for your Spring Breakers?

Introducing our *NEW* Sun’s Out Fun’s Out Storyboard: Sun’s Out Fun’s Out is full of activity-based toys to be used — you guessed it — outside! As a full, 4' x 4' Storyboard, you can flexibly place it within your merchandising plan. Try putting it next to our 4' x 4' Things That Bounce Storyboard to create a full 4' x 8' section. We have lots of other 4' x 4' options to piece Sun’s Out Fun’s Out next to. Just shop our Storyboard Catalog.

The Sun’s Out Fun’s Out Storyboard is heavy in the Trader Redemption Range with 7 out of 12 items being in the 250–1250 ticket value range. This is important for your center because with Spring Break comes destination-type customers. Meaning, the majority of people coming to your center will spend all of their tickets as opposed to saving for another visit. This Storyboard will give them fun, outdoor items to redeem while on Spring Break.

Want to know more about the Trader Redemption Range? Read by clicking here!

The Sun’s Out Fun’s Out Storyboard also has items that appeal to the other redemption ranges — the jump rope for Impulse Players, and Super Soakers and pool floats for the Savers and beyond.

The Glow in the Dark Bat & Ball Shines the Brightest!
We know you want your product assortment to be backed by proven sales data. The Sun’s Out Fun’s Out Storyboard includes high-sales performance items. The star is the Glow in the Dark Bat & Ball, which is in the top 50% of all items in our line.

Not only is this item popular this time of year because the weather is getting warmer, but the start of baseball season is also just around the corner. Opening Day is March 29!

Here’s the full list of the Sun’s Out Fun’s Out items:

  • 320765 Nerf® Super Soaker Soakzooka
  • 320489 Giant Pink Flamingo Float
  • 320488 Giant Mermaid Tail Float
  • 312699 Air Max Boomerang Asmt
  • 319167 Triple Action Water Squirt Bomb™
  • 320393 Kite Asmt 52in
  • 318546 Glow In Dark Bat & Ball Asmt
  • 320483 BBQ Branding Iron
  • 311779 Rad Flyer Giant Disc 16.25in Asmt
  • 317257 Super Suction Catch Game Asmt
  • 308392 Franklin® Practice Baseball
  • 320031 Rainbow Jump Rope 84in Asmt
  • If you’re interested in ordering the Game On Storyboard or wondering what Storyboard it might look best next to, give us a call and we’ll get you set up!👍

Your Spring Break Headquarters 🏖️

What’s your game plan to include Spring-Break-themed product in your redemption program?

If you’re interested in ordering the Sun’s Out Fun’s Out Storyboard or wondering what Storyboard it might look best next to, give us a call and we’ll get you set up. If you’d like to see all our Storyboard offerings, click the button! 👇

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