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Our new website is here!

Important things to know 👇

What better way to kick off 2020 than with the release of a new website?! We’re thrilled about the launch because it’s going to give our customers a fast and mobile-friendly shopping experience!

Thanks to the customers who helped us build it, provided feedback and made certain the features they relied on were included in the new site. We couldn’t have done this project without them and we’re grateful for the insights we gained throughout our discovery process.

We’re releasing it in waves to our customer base so if you don’t have access to it yet, you will soon!

Before you’re off and running, there are some things you need to know about our new website.

Logging in for the first time

When you go to log in for the first time, you can use the same username and password you’ve always used. However, you will be prompted to update your password after logging in. After you reset this information, you can always update your login information, name, etc. in “My Profile” under your account menu.

Under “My Dashboard” you will see order history, recent invoices and recent quotes if you have them. You can also navigate to returns, your Favorites List and more.

Under “Account Settings” you can update your payment information in “Wallet” if needed. You can add cards and bank account payment methods to make for an easy checkout process.

Under your account is where you will generate labels and update your ticket exchange rate.

New features

It wouldn’t be a website relaunch without new and exciting features!

There will be more product images to help customers understand display methods. You will be able to enjoy a more robust search feature and sorting options, allowing you to quickly find products by keyword, ticket value, price, age range, favorites and past orders.

Perhaps the biggest update is the site is now mobile-friendly, which is crucial if you want to shop while walking through your redemption space. There is better functionality for owners and those who purchase for multiple locations.

You can now sign up for in-stock alerts on items that are currently out-of-stock but will be returning to our line. This is helpful when planning product substitutions.

The buying experience is similar but modernized.

Simplified category names

We heard customer feedback that category names on the website like “Soft & Cuddly” were fun, but made the shopping experience confusing. So, we’re back to the obvious name for our product categories on the website. For example, “Soft and Cuddly” is now Plush.

You will still see playful names for our Storyboards! Storyboards are a way to buy a bundle of SKUs in the same product theme with one click of “add to cart”. Since Storyboards are based on product theme, we will be keeping the playful names.

Shop by crane and merchandiser machine

If you are a crane route operator or have crane and merchandiser games in your center, you’re going to love our new “shop by machine” feature! Simply select the machine you want to find product for and all items that will work in your selected game will show in the results.

We need your help

As with any new website, you might encounter some things that aren’t working properly. Please send us a screenshot through the “Report Issue” button on the left side of your screen.

Please include your email address in case we have follow-up questions for you. Thank you for helping us make this website the best it can be! Your feedback is truly valuable!

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