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Jul 23 · 6 min read

We’re smack in the middle of the busiest time of year. We want third quarter to be profitable for you — and yes that means all the way through September... In just a couple of weeks, foot traffic will start to slow down. Now is the time to make updates to your assortment to capitalize on busy times and carry you through the end of Fall.

We know you have a lot going on and it’s hard to put redemption on your priority list. Here are some new product highlights and concise assortment tips to save time. Pick and choose items that will work in your current assortment. If you’re ready for a larger display overhaul you can always go with our pre-planned Storyboards — Storyboards are ready-to-order prize layouts supplemented with a suggested merchandising layout to save time.

Popular product categories to think about revamping are Balls, Wheels & Wings, Bin Items and Imaginative Play. We picked one new item to be excited about and four must-have’s within these themes.

As one of the most classic forms of toys, balls are a hit for redemption programs. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors — adding variety into your redemption program and appealing to all types of guests. This increases the perceived value of your prize options and if your perceived value is high, customer satisfaction will follow.

A new item we’re excited about in this category is the Meteor Ball! It’s a fresh take on our Puffer and Tye Dye Puffer Balls. At about 550 tickets, it’s an achievable item for most of your guests.

👈 If you have the Things That Bounce Storyboard and looking to change it up a bit, the Meteor Ball can easily take the place of one of your ball options displayed in a basket.

If you’re looking to add the Things That Bounce Storyboard to your assortment, it comes in 5, 11, 16 and 20 SKU-count options.

If you don’t have the available space in your display for a full Storyboard try picking just a couple ball options. Puffer Balls, Jumbo Tennis Balls, Neon Soccer Ball and Mesh Kickball are other must-have’s in the ball category.

Some people have their heads in the clouds and others have theirs in the sand. Thankfully, we have everyone covered — “From sky to street,” you could say!

A new item in the Wheels & Wings category to try out is the Sky High Zoom Copter. This item dropped in June and is doing well so far in locations across the country. In its first month, guests redeemed an average of one inner’s worth (12) of this prize per location. It’s roughly 1,000 tickets at a standard mark up.

If you can’t get enough of the need for speed, try the Wheels & Wings Storyboard. Layouts come in 8-square feet (about 8 SKUs) and 16-square feet (about 13 SKUs).

If you don’t have that much room, pick about four items and merchandise them close together on your wall. We recommend the Sling Shot Gliders, Hot Wheels®, Maisto® Street Car or the RC Phantom Buggy.

Bin prizes may be little, but they’re a big deal to your redemption program! The bin space of your redemption area is important because of its likelihood to be a part of each one of your customer’s experiences. The ticket range of these prizes makes it possible for a 5-year-old without many tickets to redeem prizes out of bins. It’s also possible a 15-year-old will redeem a bin item when she has only 60 tickets left after redeeming a higher-ticketed item.

The Mesh Kick Footbag is a new item in the bin category you gotta have. It’s essentially a Hacky Sack­™ without the brand name. They have bright colors and look like mini soccer balls! ⚽

We also have Bin Storyboards if you need to update your assortment. There are 24-, 36-, and 48-item options available to help you fill your bins. Pro tip: When you’re putting new items into your fixtures it’s also a great time to clean all the glass or acrylic so everything looks nice and presentable to your customers.

Other Bin must-have’s are the Sour Punch Twists, Fun Dip, Full-Size Playing Cards and Metal Handcuffs.

Nothing beats pure imagination every once in a while and this category is all about the impossible! Imaginative Play has all sorts of dress-up sets — for boys and girls —inflatable guitars and even a magic set.

Speaking of magic… the new Magic Wand is an item we recommend trying out. It lights up and makes sounds. Guests can feel like they’re at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter World without spending lots and lots of $$$.

You can incorporate more dragons and fairytales into your redemption program by adding one of the Imaginative Play Storyboards to your display. Pick from a 9-, 12- or 14-item assortment.

Remember, Storyboards are ready-to-order prize layouts supplemented with a suggested merchandising layout to save time.

Or just try these four top-performing Imaginative Play items: Hero Rescue Playset, Princess Jewelry Set, Flashing Princess Wand and Mood Ring.

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Summer items are here! Check out our Sun’s Out Fun’s Out storyboard for all the summer must-have’s! If you don’t have enough room for a full storyboard option, try implementing just a few new, summer items into your display.

Our proprietary Storyboards are a series of pre-designed merchandising layouts, backed by analytics. They’re created with a specific theme or category in mind to engage your guests and make finding the perfect prize a piece of cake.


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